Chrysanthemum — growing

chrysanthemum cultivation

Chrysanthemum is a very beautiful autumn and summer flowers, some varieties of which require careful maintenance.

Among them there are more hardy plants with small inflorescences, are designed primarily for those flower lovers who for some reason are unable to come often to the dacha and spend colors lot of time.

Almost any chrysanthemums begin blooming in August and continue until the frost, because even light frosts and the first snow they carry absolutely painless.

They are planted in the flowerbeds and in the garden in the form of inclusions.

Chrysanthemum — growing

The large varieties of chrysanthemums it is best to plant in mid may – early June or in the autumn, in August – September.

Grow chrysanthemum sprouts roots (reproduction occurs by division of the root artificially) in greens.

So you can admire their beauty until frost. Survival on good fertile soils in these varieties of a hundred percent. They require constant watering and care throughout the summer.

You can also conduct regular feeding once a month or special complex fertilizers for chrysanthemum.

After the appearance of 4-5 stems on the main stem, the plant should be periodically pasynkovat to form a beautiful bouquet with large inflorescences.

Usually single stem of chrysanthemum gives a bouquet that is already suitable for a gift or for cutting. Therefore, to plant chrysanthemums of all varieties should be at a distance of 50-60 cm from each other.

When planting root dug into the soil to the base of the stem. In the winter chrysanthemums don’t dig, and cut, leaving a 5-7 cm at the base of the stalk, and sprinkled with fallen leaves or straw.

This is usually done in the first year after planting, and then mums can manage without a special cover. During the summer they need to be loosen and weed.

Watering in the rainy summer is not required, and in dry weather is needed.

For varieties with smaller blossoms of the soil can be very fertile. Not require such careful care and watering they are more puritanical. Feeding of such varieties can be carried out once in 2 years.

These chrysanthemums grow rapidly from the root and does not require pinching. There are other types of chrysanthemums and garden care may differ slightly from those described.

Personally, I like to grow chrysanthemumsbecause it is not always possible

chrysanthemum cultivation

frequently visit the country. And I usually choose small-sized buds and very easy to care for, but no less beautiful plants.

My beauties are planted in the flower bed so that after the termination of the bloom of summer flowers, began the «fall season» in bright colors.

Yellow, red, maroon, small white blossoms are very beautiful flourishing garden.

Especially touching they look like a dusting of the first snow. All around are white with snow, and the bright multi-colored flowerbed drops Shine my favorite chrysanthemum! An indescribable impression!

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