Chrysanthemum garden — planting and care

Chrysanthemum garden - planting and care

Garden chrysanthemums are perennials and annuals, shrubs and herbaceous.

But in what ways it is possible to plant chrysanthemums and how to properly care for them?

Chrysanthemums — planting

The main methods of cultivation of the chrysanthemum garden is the propagation by cuttings and division of the Bush.

But it has also proved to be the method of growing from seed. Can be used as annual plants, and perennial.

To do this in the spring as soon as frosts in the shallow basin to pour warm water and put 2 or 3 seeds and covered with earth.

The hole needs to be done at a distance of 200-250 mm of Beds needed to cover the film in order to preserve moisture and warmth.

After the appearance of the young shoots of the chrysanthemum, the film cover can be removed and carefully loosen the soil. Roughly after a week the plants need to feed.

As top dressing shall be allowed to use drugs «Rainbow» or «Ideal». After chrysanthemum will grow up to 8-10 cm, in the hole it is necessary to leave one plant which already has 4-5 leaves. Other colors can be deposited in another place.

Flowering annuals garden chrysanthemums can be observed in early August. For the plants were happy before August, the seeds need to planted seedlings.

Planted seedlings in spring, but in autumn and, in a couple of weeks before the frost. It is desirable that the weather was cloudy or rainy.

Chrysanthemum planted in trenches at a distance of 300-500 mm (depending on variety). Rooting for the best possible trench shed «Carnevino» (1 gr. in one liter of water).

After landing you can immediately carry out the pinching of chrysanthemums (removed the growing point). Now the flowers have to cover with tape for better growth and rooting.

The film can be removed a few days after the plant took root and began to grow.

Cuttings of garden chrysanthemums

In the spring, when temperatures will warm up to 26 degrees, you can cut with a knife the stalk, the length of which should be 6-7 cm

The lower part is immersed in a «Kornevin» and planted in moist soil, the top layer (2 cm) should consist of wet sand.

Chrysanthemum garden - planting and care

The slope of the cutting should be about 45 degrees. After the cuttings take root, it can be transplanted into a garden bed.

The place should be bright, warm and preferably on hills. Garden chrysanthemums don’t like drafts. The soil should be nutritious, slightly acidic or neutral.

The plant prefers a humus or humus, but not fresh manure. During feeding chrysanthemums is important not to overdo it, because then the plant will increase the herbal weight, and blossom will not.

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