Children’s corner at the cottage

children's corner at the cottage

Creating a kids corner in the country, you need to take care of the safety and comfort of children.

Therefore, to ensure a happy holiday vacation to the child, follow a few tips.

Children’s corner in the country do not create the sun, the most appropriate place for it would be a place with openwork partial shade from a pair of ornamental or fruit trees.

In humid and shaded sites, children also do not like. Near the children’s area should not grow poisonous or thorny plants and flowers strongly attract bees and bumblebees.

Besides, we need to eliminate the close location of the well, electricity and dangerous tools.

Very well, if children are always in sight from the Windows of the cottages, or the place where you spend time.

When decorating children’s area use turf, it’s more like children than artificial turf. Above the area, it would be good to pull the awning.

Children’s corner in the country could include: swimming pool, slide, sandbox, swing, table and bench, the children’s house.

Do not rush to buy for the children’s area, some items can be made with your own hands.

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