Chickens at home in the winter

chickens at home

The content of the chickens in the country is no surprise, many gardeners have been breeding birds in the summer and some all year round.

This is not surprising, because, after tasting eggs and meat of chickens reared with his own hands, will forever turn away from products in stores.

Because the taste quality of chickens is much better and more useful purchase.

Well, if you can live in the country year round, and keep chickens, and what about those who are forced to leave for the winter in an apartment?

Again in the spring to buy Chicks and start all over again?

Maybe this is a way out, but I bring my birds home, where they continue to productively lay eggs all winter.

In this article I want to share the experience in keeping chickens at home.

Chickens at home

Place the chickens on the balcony, I have it glazed and heated. That’s it, I built a mini coop to the ceiling of boards, plywood and particleboard.

To describe the sizes will not, because they don’t fit, but if desired, any host that has a country place, easy to make houses for chickens.

Places I have enough, so get a chicken coop «not a joke», a lovely and spacious 1.5 m width –2m depth, 2.7 m height.

There is one window on the street and spent the extra coverage that the chickens have raced better in the winter. The inside is quite warm, even in extreme cold temperatures below +5 º C does not fall.

A hen house five in three nests and roosts. On the floor are a feeder and water container. Care and maintenance of chickens at home, the same as in the summer at the cottage.

Feed 2 times a day, not much give, they take care to eat all at once. In the food are vegetables, kitchen waste, mixed fodder. Food add egg shells, crushed limestone.

All good grind and bring it to a state of wet mash. Sometimes I give the chickens grain: barley, barley, and so on. Constantly in a home chicken coop is a box of small gravel and sand.

Monitor the cleanliness, the health of birds depends largely on sanitary conditions. Every day I spend cleaning the house, changing bedding as needed.

Use straw, hay, sawdust. Used litter with chicken droppings, put in a bag that once a month drive to the country, when I go for potatoes and other vegetables.

Manure serves as fertilizer for garden plots.

If the singing of the rooster and cackling hens will disturb you or the neighbors close the window, artificial lighting is sufficient.

I try to select chickens for the maintenance at home quiet with good egg production. Rooster also choose calmer.

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