Cherry – the secrets of growing

cherry farming

Cherry is very undemanding in cultivation.

It grows well on sandy, sandy loam, Chernozem and loamy soils.

You can put it anywhere in the garden, even slightly shaded, but still the most abundant harvests this tree brings in full sun.

The cherry is propagated by shoots or root cuttings. The growth usually forms on different roots, but for landing is better to choose a two-year-old with well developed root and ground structure.

If your seedlings a great parent is the root and very little mackovich roots, it is best to put it on a temporary place for one year and give them the opportunity to grow.

Then the following spring to cut the parent root, and planted in a permanent place. Root cuttings are made in the following way.

Bare superficial roots to one and a half centimetres thick, cut them into pieces 15 cm and stored during winter in damp sand or moss at a temperature of 0 to +2 degrees.

And in the spring planted inclined so that the upper thick part was covered with earth to 2 cm, bottom – 5 cm

The rows of cuttings should be well watered and pronunciati peat. All planted from cuttings obtained 2/3 of the plants that can be planted in the spring for a permanent place.

When planting a cherry on a constant, it is necessary to consider the following recommendations. The distance between the seedlings should be 2-3 meters.

For best cross pollination is better to plant on a plot of several varieties. In the planting hole insertion 2-3 buckets of humus or compost, 500 g of superphosphate, 50 grams of potassium chloride and it all mix well with the ground.

Planting is best done in the spring, to avoid freezing still immature plants over the winter. Field planting suggest regular watering and not to forget about mulching the soil.

Also, the seedlings require pruning during the summer. To shed soil when watering needs by 40 cm in depth. It is especially important to monitor this during the hot and dry weather.

After the start of fruiting cherry should always be feed in the spring to make urea, and in the fall compost, superphosphate, potassium. Regularly should be carried out and trimming branches.

The gardener should be careful to ensure that the crown did not zakusalas, cut out shoots that are growing inward or shade other branches.

Growing the cherry, once in three or four years carried out a rejuvenation and a slight thinning of cherries.

If you notice the nudity in the crown of a tree, it is necessary to trim the bare endings of the skeletal branches up to the first branching.

This stimulates the emergence of shoots volchkovich, later turned into new branches.

Cherry is very responsive to good care, you will notice that after a heavy crop.

It begins to bear fruit at 3 – 4 years after planting.

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