Chainsaw — home care


Perhaps, everyone is familiar with nettles, but nobody even thought that in addition to the evil herb of the nettle family can please people and their good homemade beauties.

Saw one of them, this herbaceous plant grows in subtropical and tropical zones.

Gardeners love the plant for its versatility: it can be used as basket at the same time will look great as flowers on the window sills, especially if there is other plants. The flowers are very small, but lovely form of the inflorescence.

Chainsaw in home — care tips

 Location and lighting

To place pilau at home is best on a Sunny windowsill, but avoid direct rays of the sun.

The lack of light will lead to chaotic development of the plant and stripped branches. In winter the leaves of the flower should not touch the window glass.


Pilau recommended to keep at temperature up to 25°C throughout the year. In winter the drafts are invalid because they destroy the plant.

Watering and humidity

Like many other houseplants in the summer pilau watered sparingly, once dried up the top layer of soil. Winter watering is limited.

Plant at home is not so bad withstand drying of the soil, and excess moisture. One of the important conditions of plant care – providing high humidity, while spraying, it is desirable to refuse, as leaves can lose decorative.

To achieve sufficient humidity by using water containers or moss near the flower.


Fed pilau from March to the end of summer every 7 days, the rest of the time feeding is about once a month. To do this, use flower fertilizer.

Transplantation and propagation of pilei

Transplanting is carried out annually, the best time — summer or spring. The substrate can be used humus soil.

You can prepare a special mixture, it will need sand, loam, peat and humus (all in equal parts).

For transplantation suitable mixture of foliage colors. Propagated flower green cuttings or shoots.

Propagation by cuttings is possible year round, but best results can be achieved in summer or spring.

Chainsaw - home care

Pests pilei and fight with them

Dry air in the room creates favorable conditions for the appearance of spider mites, high temperatures and insufficient humidity of thrips.

In addition to the plant can harm the scale insects and mealybug.

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