Cestrum — planting and care


Most species of astromov is evergreen plants which bloom in summer, fruit in autumn and remain attractive all year round.

The flowers of these plants attract butterflies and in nature — even hummingbirds.

The genus Cestrum owns about 200 species which are native to North and South America.

Most of these plants is shrubs, intended for cultivation in greenhouses.

In summer, some species feel good on the street. Provide astroman wind-protected place.

Depending on the kind cestrum can reach 1.5 — 3.6 m in height, but potted plants always reach smaller sizes.

Since flowers appear on cestrum two or three stems, every three years is recommended severe pruning of the plant.

Cestrum can be grown on the wall a stretched wire, the main thing is to give support to protected from direct sunlight place.

Cestrum is a plant collected in terminal inflorescences of tubular flowers that appear from late spring or early summer.

Cestrum Golden yellow summer blooms orange flowers. Its fragrant flowers reach 2 cm in length.

Apical cuttings from plants cut in spring and summer. Cut with plant cuttings length 8 — 10 cm each of them must be at least two leaves and a heel.

Lower ends of apical cuttings in the hormone powder and then plant them in a container filled with zemlesmes from the clay of the earth and a small amount of sand.

In each container, plant two or three cuttings. Cover the container with apical cuttings with plastic wrap and put them in a room with a temperature of 21 — 24°C.

Rooting cuttings lasts 6 — 8 weeks. After rooting the cuttings have the same amount of time should grow in the same flower pot.

Spring visivite seeds in peat pots with the same zemlesmes used


for planting cuttings. Seeds germinate at a temperature of 21 — 24°C.

The slow growth of the plants, in conjunction with the leaf drop is a sign of overly wet soil. Limit watering astromov until the appearance of new leaves.

Before watering make sure the soil in the pot dry.

If the plants leaves are falling along with cuttings, a sure sign of dry soil or too high air temperature. Pour the plant or move to a cooler room.

Brown spots on the leaves of plants — is a clear sign of sunburn. In case of such symptoms move cestrum away from direct sun.

Cestrum elegant reaches up to three meters in height. This plant with purple-red flowers are 3 cm long that appear in summer. In their place appear in fall purple berries.

Cestrum fasciculatum blooms in late spring — early summer. Its pink flowers are collected in small roundish clusters. In regions with mild winters this cestrum can grow outdoors all year round.

If you provide astroman appropriate conditions, they do not require careful maintenance.

Spring growing in pots, the plants can be cut to give them a compact form or to carry out formative pruning if cestrum is growing by the wall.

Adult plants are transplanted every two to three years. Put them on the ground with the addition of coarse sand.

Cestrum likes a light place, but in the afternoon he needs protection from strong sunlight. This plant can stand, for example, on the Western window sill.

Summer cestrum requires fairly high temperature (in the range 24 to 27°C). In the winter during dormancy most of the species cestrum prefers a temperature of about 10°C.


During the active growing season cestrum need moderate watering. Before watering make sure the soil in the flower pot with it dry.

During the growing season every two or three weeks feed the plant complex fertilizer. Be sure to follow the instructions for dosage on the packaging.

In the spring of buy cestrum in nurseries where bred exotic plants. Choose specimens with numerous flower buds and healthy leaves.

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