Cestrum graceful care


Due to the indoor plants in the home or office all year round to enjoy the green oasis.

And if earlier flowers made, as a rule, the sill, in recent years, more preference is given to vines, small trees or ornamental shrubs.

Among the latter, the most popular representative of the Solanaceae – Restroom.

This plant is poisonous though, but quite beautiful. Bright tubular-oval, slightly stewed blossoms fall from the branches of a Bush amazing «drops». So, apparently, five-foot native of Latin America and called «elegant».

Cestrum delicate — care tips

 Location and lighting

But to Cestrum really beautiful blossomed, he needs to find a place to plant bathed in sunlight. The lack of lighting the North side will slow down the development of the leaves and stops the budding.

In summer, the abundant flow of the sun’s rays must dissipate in order to avoid burns plants. This «work» do a good job the blinds on the Windows.


In natural conditions the growth Cestrum used to moderate temperatures. And even the plant is afraid of frosts, but and can not tolerate heat. Therefore, shrub in summer, it is not recommended to stand on a balcony or a suburban area.

Leave Cestrum indoors with air conditioning to keep the room temperature above +20°C.

As this houseplant year-round rather actively developing, it is necessary for him to artificially create a period of rest. Preferably in the winter to determine Cestrum in the room where it will be maintained at a temperature within +10-15°C.

Watering and humidity

Solanaceae shrub – lover of water treatments. So Cestrum in the summer should be sprayed every day. If this is not possible, then

cestrum of VitaScene

near the vats of plant is recommended to install a humidifier equipped with a timer.

Owner Cestrum should be attentive to soil moisture, preventing its drying out. But too pour the plant should not in order to avoid rotting of the roots. During the rest period watering is, of course, reduced.


With the onset of spring Cestrum «wakes up» and begins to grow rapidly. So he had the strength and the budding, the plant needs to feed.

But start feeding with the end of spring and continue until mid-fall, and then pause until next year.

Fertilizers are introduced into the ground once a week. Special recommendations for the selection of organics for Cestrum not – fit the most common drugs used for indoor plants.

Transplantation and propagation

While Cestrum young, his transplanted each year at the end of the rest period. In the future, this procedure is carried out as necessary when the plant becomes crowded in its pot.

Before transplanting it is recommended to bring order to the crown of the Bush, and the cuttings used as planting material. Also Cestrum propagated from basal cuttings and seeds.

Pests and fight with them

The most common pests for Solanaceous plants – spider mites and aphids. At the first sign of the attack the plant must be treated with special preparations, is effective in combating these parasites.

Insecticidal composition should be applied to branches and leaves Cestrum, trying not to touch his flowers.

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