Ceropegia care at home


Seeing once how unusual buds decorates this plant can really «sick».

The variety of shapes, colors candles that dot Ceropegia — this is the reason to start at home this decorative flower.

And he, indeed, will decorate any interior. Because this vine can be shaped in any form. Here Ceropegia «rain» flowing from the hanging planters.

And here it is fully wrapped around the basket. In another embodiment, the plant is «snake» has spread through the wall on the threads-stretch marks. In General, the options to decorate your interior using Ceropegia set.

Ceropegia — care tips

 Location and lighting

Breed Ceropegia best in well-lit environments. Thanks to a sufficient amount of light this plant can bloom almost all year.

But you should provide a small shading the vine in the midday hours the Sun’s activity, had curtained the window time. And at the same time, it is recommended to open the window to ventilate the room.


Ceropegia prefers a temperate climate, but can adapt to hot conditions. And the temperature drops the plant bravely.

In the winter, to give the opportunity Ceropegia to rest, the room should maintain a temperature no higher than 18°C (but not below 11°C).

Watering and humidity

Ceropegia can be called the dream of every grower, as the plant is undemanding to moisture. The conditions for irrigation of the vines and the standard – as it dries the top layer of the earth. In winter at low temperatures watering of plants in General is minimized.

The humidity of the air also there are no special requirements. Ceropegia not even need irrigation – except that from time to time rinse the dust from it.


Fed Ceropegia only in the flowering period, adding organic matter to the soil together with irrigation 1 time per month. As mineral fertilizers suitable means for succulent plants and those which feed the cacti.

Transplantation and propagation

While the vine is still small enough, it is transplanted annually in the spring. Individuals of older age, it is better to disturb at least – 1 every 2 years. Each time, prior to excavation of the substrate it is recommended to add dolomite flour or lime, or charcoal.

When transplanting you can multiply Ceropegia – dividing the Bush into 2 parts with an extensive root system. To propagate the plant and cuttings that are produced during the seasonal pruning of the crown (March).

Pests and fight with them

To some extent Ceropegia for life «lucky» — she’s almost not annoying flower pests. But the old woman, as they say, is proruha» — if not properly maintained before the vines can stick spider mites or aphids.

In this case the plant is enough to handle special disinfecting solutions.

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