Cellar at the cottage

cellar at the cottage

The cellar is the most simple premises for the permanent storage of the crop.

Despite the large variety of electric refrigerators, cellar in the country remains popular.

Properly made in the cellar with a good waterproofing and ventilation remain favourable conditions for food storage, with a constant temperature regime.

The most popular are the garden cellar located under a porch, garage or a summer kitchen. First, space-saving, and secondly user-friendly approach.

The country cellar size depends on the needs and number of family. Cellar in suburban areas are made of different construction materials: brick, concrete, stone, wood and so on.

In areas with hard soil and low groundwater level, wall veneer not really.

In the building create a natural ventilation system, and due to favorable conditions in the cellars favorable for storage of vegetables environment: low temperature, shade, fresh air.

Optimal conditions for storing products between +2 to +5C, with a humidity of 80-90%.

Depending on the depth of the groundwater table cellar in the country built to the full depth (2-2. 5 m), with a partial depth, if groundwater is located above 2m, and overhead.

The main thing that is taken into account during the construction of the cellar, the water level should be below the floor level at least two feet.

In some cases, manufacture artificial gravel and sand of an embankment to raise the cellar.

The groundwater level in the suburban area is determined in the spring. Buried cellar, the most economical and does not require large cash expenditures during construction.

Moreover, in these cellars created the best conditions for storing potatoes, carrots and other vegetables. Due to the high humidity, they practically do not dry out and remain fresh until spring.

Wall is better to make collapsible, so you can in the summer to dry. Inside design on the one hand set the racks or shelves, and on the other made bins for potatoes, carrots, beets.

Construct ventilated bins with slatted floors. Polusekretnye cellar is especially popular in humid areas where the groundwater level

cellar at the cottage

located close to the surface.

After the passages of the pit, to prevent the occurrence of water in the cellar, on the floor laid a fat clay with a height of about 50cm.

The rest he built as well as the recessed cellar. With proper arrangement of crop losses are minimal.

Surface storage for vegetables is on the low-lying and wetland areas. The loss of crops in these cellars varies from 3 to 10%.

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