Celery – recipes for the winter

Celera – recepti

Among other gifts of garden sought after white roots.

And not because they possess aromatic properties, improve the smell of food, but also because of the useful vitamin and mineral components, which are included in the composition.

Parsley, celery, parsnips, though used in recipes in small quantities but are used daily and throughout the year.

Therefore, it is important to know how to store them for the winter.

Celery — recipes

To keep celery, a large variety of recipes are offered bookmark fresh root vegetables in storage or drying.

And save on all winter will depend on proper preparation of vegetables.

Celery storage to remove from the patch should still before the frost (in dry weather).

Roots must be free from earth, sort, and trim the tops, leaving a small «tail» in half an inch. The product must be intact, healthy, navelim and clean.

Storage method

Storage roots harvested fresh soil or sand. Laying of storing celery is a pyramidal method:

  • First gets the sand (earth) cushion 5 cm thick. The optimal size is the meter on.


  • On the sand lay the roots so that they do not touch each other.


  • A layer of sand on top of the celery should have a density of 45 cm.


  • Thus is laid a few layers of the roots (maximum of 7). And each next layer are larger than the previous one. Side top should be 25 cm below the base of the pyramid.

The white roots were stored longer, the sand should be slightly moist (but not more than 20%). The humidity in the vault is aged in the range of 85-90%, temperature +10TS.

You should take note of one requirement: for every season in the vault laid a freshly dug sand (earth). So the winter months are available in the cellar, the soil will have to be removed.

Drying roots

To save for winter celery, the recipes offer another way – drying. In the workpiece take quite dense and fleshy roots. Drying celery is the following:

  • The roots are carefully prepared: remove the cover, peel, remove the tops and small roots, the branches, cut out the damaged area and cut off the green heads.


  • Well-washed roots are cut into slices or strips with a thickness of 3 cm.


  • Lay the slices of celery on a sieve, send it to the oven, where the temperature should not exceed 650C.


  • In the process of drying the roots from time to time remove from the cupboard, mix and layer level.


  • Once the celery is dry, pour it into an open drawer and kept there for 2 days. Celera – recepti


  • Shifting in a sealed container, the roots are sent to storage in a cool dark room.

 It is important

Zagotavlja for winter celery, the recipes are not recommend treating the roots with hot water and the more blanch – they lose their aromatic properties.

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