Causes of low productivity and grinding of the fruit of tomatoes. The deficiency symptoms of micronutrients in tomatoes and disease

tomatoes a lack of potassium

Experienced gardeners know that for growing horticultural crops in the country, it is necessary to pay enough attention to them and to monitor the overall condition.

Improper care of tomatoes and lack of nutrients can cause fungal and other diseases.

The consequences of this will lead to the degeneration of the fruit, lower yields and even death of some plants.

Causes of grinding of the fruits of tomatoes

The main reasons for crushing the fruit of tomatoes can not be deleted Stepsons, poor lighting, high humidity, large temperature difference between day and night hours, the lack of potassium.

Basically, it refers to tomatoes grown in greenhouse in the country. To remedy the situation you need time to conduct a side-shoot removing tomato day on a Sunny day to carry out the ventilation of the greenhouse, and at night to take measures for additional insulation.

With a lack of potassium plants can be watered wood ashes diluted in water. Compliance with these measures will help to avoid crushing the tomato.


Why low yields

A small yield of tomatoes is actively working, if planted overgrown seedlings of tomatoes, especially when she was the color or with the landing sucked. Not performed side-shoot removing, and overdone with the introduction of nitrogenous fertilizers.

The indicator will serve as the Curling of leaves. This contributes to the rapid development of leaf mass, and as a consequence creates favorable conditions for the development of fungal diseases. Do not get involved in excessive fertilization of tomato.

The outward signs of lack of nutrients tomatoes

The lack of some elements, evident on the tomato seedlings and adult plants.

A symptom of insufficient nitrogen is the lighting of the leaves with a grayish tinge. Tomatoes need to be watered with an infusion plants or diluted mullein.

The leaves and stem of tomato seedlings acquire a violet hue,

tomatoes lack of phosphorus

a sure sign of lack of phosphorus. In this case, for each plant before watering make 0,5 tablespoons of superphosphate.

When lack of manganese, the leaves becoming spotted greenish hue (from dark to light). In this case, before watering, make under every Bush tomato 100g. dolomite.

Diseases of tomatoes

The appearance of dark spots on the leaves of seedlings indicates the fungal disease late blight.

In this disease of solanaceous crops is recommended, treatment with copper sulfate from the calculation of 1H.l. on 10l. water if to harvest more than a month, if the fruits already ripen better tomato plants sprayed with 5% iodine (10ml in 10l. water).

If the disease arose at the stage of ripeness they are better off and put on a few minutes in water with a temperature of +60 ° C.

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