Cauliflower in winter

Cauliflower in winter

Cauliflower is commonly used in diet food recipes.

And little who prepares for the winter.

But this product is also good in a marinade, like any other cabbage.

Harvesting of cauliflower in winter

For marinating should take the dense immature heads with white or pale cream shade. You need to cut all the wrapper leaves and head to disassemble on separate inflorescences.

However, they should not fall apart – leave the cross-section length of 5 cm, but the tough part to remove.

Florets of cauliflower are washed well under running cold water and placed in boiling water for 3 minutes for blanching.

Water should be moderately salted and acidified with 1 l of the liquid is 1 g lemon and 1 tsp salt.

Blanched florets need to shift in a colander and cool under running water. Allowing the fluid to drain, steamed cabbage Packed in jars.

Opinions on banks

Before processed cauliflower to put in jars for the winter, add spices.

At the bottom are stacked (per litre crockery) red pepper (pod 13), Bay leaf (1 piece), cinnamon (1 piece), cloves – 5-7 PCs.

After this capacity is filled with cauliflower at the «hanger».

Marinade for cauliflower for the winter

While there is packaging product by banks, the fire needs to boil the marinade. To 1 liter of water is taken 2 tbsp of salt and sugar.

But instead of the usual clogging of vinegar takes his acid with a concentration of 80%. It is necessary for the volume of 15 g.

Cooking procedure marinade like this. Water first, bring to a boil, then add sugar and salt.

Again boiled and filtered. And only after that pour in acetic acid. As soon as the marinade comes to a boil again, fire off, and the liquid poured into the banks.


The preservation of cauliflower for the winter must be sterilized (especially if there is a good cool cellar).

The banks, covered with lids, set in a wide bowl with warm water up to 700C. At the bottom should be installed the grille, but in the absence of such can be put in rolled several times with a kitchen towel.

The beginning of the sterilization is considered from the moment of boiling water in a saucepan. The duration of the process depends on the capacity of jars: half-liter – 5 min, liter – 7 minutes.

Cauliflower in winter

For those who prefer to marinate in 3-liter containers, will have to wait 20 minutes.

Each jar after thermal processing, it is necessary hermetically to seal (roll up cover).

Then a bowl of pickled cauliflower in winter, turned upside down, cover with a blanket and the banks are cooled in the day.

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