Cauliflower (growing)

cultivation of cauliflower

Cauliflower is in our gardens an honorary second place after cabbage.

And in last place is not deserved more valuable: Beijing, broccoli, Brussels sprouts, kohlrabi.

This happens because cabbage and cauliflower grown since ancient times, while others became famous later.

Because of the traditions and habits of gardeners – fans grow familiar types of cabbage. But, nevertheless, I want to share the experience of growing cauliflower.

Cauliflower (growing)

Gone are the days when cauliflower refused to grow even in the South of Russia. Thanks to the work of breeders, it became undemanding in culture, produces good yields in many regions.

Cauliflower loves caring, and very demanding of nutrients of the soil. But to the temperature of the environment is not very demanding.

Seeds germinate at 4-5C. And the optimal temperature for growing cauliflower 16-20C. Loves moisture, and light.

From cauliflower a relatively small period of vegetation, so in the South you can taste the cauliflower to grow without seedling method in more Northern areas to do without the seedlings is unlikely.


Growing seedlings.

Cauliflower seedlings, sown in seedling boxes from late March to mid-April. Soil mix should consist of peat, loam and sand (1:1:1).

Well add 2st. tablespoons of wood ash and 1st. a spoon of superphosphate per one bucket of the mixture. To seedlings of cauliflower were healthy, the soil mixture you need to etch with a solution of potassium permanganate 1G. 1 liter of water (before sowing).

Seeds also need to be treated. They are wrapped in cloth and 15 minutes immersed in water 50C., then 1minutu placed in cold water.

Soaking of seeds is not a prerequisite, but for best germination you can put 12 hours in solution ( a teaspoon of any complex fertilizer in 1 gallon of water).

After that, seeds of cauliflower, washed under running cold water and place in the refrigerator for hardening for a day.

After these procedures, the seeds can be sown. In boxes with potting soil, make furrows with a depth of not more than 1 cm at a distance of 5 cm from each other.

Cabbage seeds are arranged and an interval of 1 cm Furrows with the seed falling asleep, lightly tamping, be careful not to blur the ground watered and put on the windowsill.

Seedlings usually appear within a week, if the seeds germinate sooner. Once sprouted seedlings of cauliflower, reduce heat to 10-12C.

You can put on a loggia or balcony, weather permitting. A week very well, if it is to set the mode of the day: day 16-18C, and at night 10-12C.

In this case it will not stretch, and be strong and healthy. 2 weeks after germination guide picks in peat pots or other utensils (8h8h8).

After the pick does not need to be watered often, and a little to the ground was not dry. A week before transplanting in the open ground, watering is to stop completely, so it is not stretched. Fertilizing seedlings of cauliflower done as iceberg.

Landing in open ground.

Seedlings ready for high-rise buildings in the open ground, if it has 4-5 well developed leaves. The plot in the garden at the cottage under the cauliflower is prepared in the fall. Before digging make manure 10-12kg on 1 m and superphosphate 35g for 1 sq. m.

In the spring add 1 Cup of wood ash on 1m. kV and dug to a depth of 10-12cm. Then prepare the beds. For the cultivation of cauliflower seedlings planted in two rows at a distance of 30-35cm., the aisle at 50cm.

In the prepared hole, add a handful of ash, half a Cup of vegetable humus, half a spoon of superphosphate and 0.5 liters of water. All this stir. In this liquid plant seedlings of cauliflower.

Growing cauliflower, don’t forget that it requires water and fuel, so be careful that the soil remained moist. After rains and waterings the soil should podrujit.

Better cauliflower to feed three times during the vegetation period. The first 14 days after landing (in a bucket of water a pint of mullein and 1st.l. full fertilizer), the second-7 days after the first (ash 1 Cup to 1 m and complex mineral fertilizer 1st. spoon on a water bucket).

Third in the formation of cabbage heads (dissolve 2 g of boric acid in a glass of hot water, and then poured into a bucket of cool water). After each feeding cauliflower watered to wash the fertilizer from the leaves.

The cultivation of cauliflower is over and she is considered ripe when the heads become white and dense.

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