Cauliflower – growing and care

Cauliflower – growing and care

Among vegetable crops occupies a special place cabbage due to its usefulness.

And attracts truckers this plant and its variety.

Therefore, in gardens it is often possible to see the garden not only with white cabbage.

Despite the fact that cauliflower is pretty much care, gardeners happy to grow.

The reason lies in the growing period – it’s pretty short. So the time to care for this type of cabbage is spent much less.

Cauliflower — growing

In our latitudes, cauliflower can be grown everywhere in the open ground. Only enough hot southern regions where low atmospheric humidity, it is recommended that culture to grow in greenhouses.

But in any case, to obtain good yields, it is necessary to comply with the «wishes» of cabbage to growing conditions.

The choice of location for the cultivation of cabbage

From the space directly depends on the quality of inflorescences of cabbage. If the culture will grow too shaded area, the head will be bad to develop.

But the abundance of sunlight is not desirable – the cauliflower will darken, and the head will crumble. The best option – between rows of young trees.

Soil for cauliflower

For broccoli needs soil with a neutral or slightly alkaline reaction. Therefore, if a plot of land is fertile enough, it should be enriched with organic matter (humus). Acidic the soil will have to be limed.

Fertilizer cabbage

Any fertilizer on the flower bed under the cauliflower must be paid in advance – even in the fall. Add organic matter (especially fresh manure directly before planting culture is impossible – you can «burn» seedlings.


The culture grows well at moderate temperatures. Great heat promotes the development of small heads which will be quite meaty and dense.

To compensate for the influence of high temperature can be due to the humidity and extra watering plants.

Cauliflower, as, indeed, any other water-loving plant. So a good regular watering is a necessary condition for the cultivation of this crop.

But zealous not worth it, excessive waterlogging of the soil may cause a disease of cabbage. Watering should be carefully to prevent water from getting to the head.

Cauliflower – growing and care

Additional dressing cauliflower

For good growth of the cauliflowers need extra power.

To feed the culture you need 3 times: 10 days after transplanting, 2 weeks after the first feeding and then at the time of formation of the heads.

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