Castration of piglets by yourself

Castration of piglets

This procedure is conducted to ensure that the meat was not the smell of urine.

If you do not make the castration of pigs, wild boar will not be there, besides to sell it on the market would be problematic.

This procedure breeders mostly carried out independently.

Castration of piglets may be open or closed. It is performed when the pig 10 to 30 days, although some farmers have the procedure done at the age of 7-10 days.

They argue that this decreases the risk of complications. However, it is better to do the castration at a later date, because not a castrated pig grows better and faster developing.

The essence of the open method of castration of piglets is the dissection of the vaginal sheath and mandatory imposition of the nylon thread in place of the spermatic cord.

Applying a closed method, of course, not the vaginal skin is dissected.

The operation should be done only healthy pig. At this time, should not be vaccinated or dewormed. Between operations must be at least 14 days.

It is best to do the operation in the warm season, also should do it before two months of age. If castration will be carried out later, i.e. the risk of bleeding and fixing it will be difficult to do.

Before the procedure, you should wash machine and enter into fresh bedding. Evening feeding to cancel. In the morning you need to get this pig with piglets to squeal and she was not nervous.

The scrotum of a pig to handle 5% composition of iodine. Next, the scrotum needs to be pulled so that the slit happened in parallel light lines the tummy. The incision is made using a special scalpel.

Cutting the skin, you need to velosite egg and grab it with your left hand and right hand need to grab the spermatic cord at the lowest point and pull the egg up until it will not come off (this method is said to be closed).

The same procedure is performed with the second egg. The incision should be treated with trillina.

To avoid all sorts of complications, it is better to invite a specialist. In extreme cases, you should follow some of the nuances.

If no experience, it is better to perform closed way, as in the open reception is dissected as the scrotum and vaginal skin.

Next, pull the ovary, and on the thinnest part of the cord, make a knot, and then,

castration of piglets

stepping back a few inches, cut the ovary with scissors.

If the damage of the vaginal film should make a silk thread knot on the spermatic cord.

After the surgery, you need antibiotics and to wound healing to monitor the cleanliness in the machine.

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