Carrots for winter – recipes

Marque for the winter – recepti

In the vitamin and mineral composition of carrots can be attributed to a number of the most valuable food – 1, C, PP, salt, sugar.

But most of all useful carotene, which, once in the human body, is synthesized into vitamin A.

So use this vegetable is recommended year-round.

And that was a possibility, many are trying to make harvesting carrots for the winter. Moreover, it is useful in any form – raw, dried, boiled, marinated.

Carrots for the winter

So that the carrots were able to «survive» through the winter, to store choose healthy, clean roots without mechanical damage and is not affected by the pest. The best varieties of carrots for the winter lying are considered «Valeria», «Vorob», «santena».

Below the root is not spoiled, should be observed storage conditions: temperature– 0 — +10C; humidity 85-90%. But don’t forget about the humidity of the sand, which will be a carrot – in the range of 20%.

Especially good to keep the roots of a pyramidal way, sprinkling them with clean sand. The optimal size of the sand cushion at the base is 1×1 m and thickness 5 cm Carrots for the winter stack «jacks» so that the roots do not touch each other.

Each layer carrot alternates with a layer of sand and are larger than the underlying. In the end, the side of the top row of the pyramid must be in the range of 0.8 m to comply with the rigidity, limit yourself to 6 layers.

Carrots for winter dried

Dried carrots in the winter is very convenient when cooking different dishes. Moreover, heat treatment does not make the vegetable less nutritious.

For this method of storage is ideal for small roots of early varieties of carrots. And the processing sequence is the following:

  • Carrots cut off the tops (with «ass»), root clean. If there are damaged places, they should be cut.
  • Thoroughly washed, carrots are blanched in boiling water for about 15 minutes. The readiness check with a wooden toothpick (or match) – if the root is pierced with a little effort, it’s time to pull it out.
  • Cooled with water, carrots for the winter cut into small pieces (strips, circles – as you like).
  • Laid out in a single layer on a metal grate, sending the carrots in the oven where the initial temperature should be 80to 0. Then it should be reduced to 600.
  • In the process of drying the slices of carrots a few times to mix (can be flipped).
  • After removal from the oven the carrots for another 2 days stored in an open wooden crates, then Packed in airtight jars and sent to storage in a cellar (or closet).

 Pickling carrots for the winter

For preservation choose young hard root vegetables. Prepare the carrots the same way as described above. But the blanching takes only 5 min, and the water should be salted (1 l — 20 g).

Blanched root vegetables are roasted whole in jars and pour the marinade. While in the tank you can also add allspice (a couple of grains), cloves (to taste), Bay leaf.

Fill prepared as follows: in boiling water add sugar and salt, give more time to boil, pour in the vinegar and remove the pan from the heat. In a jar with a capacity of 1 l will need 400 ml of water, 2 tsp sugar and salt, 1 tablespoon of vinegar.

Banks with carrots for the winter additionally sterilized in a water bath for 25 minutes and then sealed.

Marque for the winter

Cool upside down.

Variations on a theme of carrots

Carrots for the winter can be a good complement to other conservation.

For example, in combination with cauliflower, eggplant, tomatoes, onions, etc.

Tasty carrots, cooked in tomato juice with pepper and garlic.

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