Caring for kids at home

The eye for Kogenate

Without exception, all the owners are waiting for the birth of the kids.

It does not leave anxiety, how will the lambing goats.

But now all behind, and now the main goal is the care of goats.

How still properly care for newborns, so they don’t hurt?

Care for kids

The most common is the method of cultivation on the «leak». In this method many advantages.

First, the kids who grew up with his mother, have good fatness, and they mobility.

And all thanks to the fact that the kid sucks the milk in small portions in about 30 times a day.

In turn, this positively affects the process of digestion and also kids than not get sick.

Of course, this method the owners of the milk is not visible, but they will grow healthy kids.

Applying care of kids suckling method that will allow kids to quickly learn to eat hay, as an example of this is the mother-goat.

The kid in about five days already takes a sample of the broom, and until the tenth day gladly chews it.

After about a couple of weeks the young is switched to the feed. And most importantly, that such «experiments» do not affect the digestion of the goats.

But after suckling method will be problematic to translate the calves on artificial food.

Goats are restless, do not drink the milk mixture, but after a while they get used to the new diet.

Importantly, as early as possible to take kids from the mother. Best young deduct in the age of two weeks, because later it will be difficult to make.

Also do not abruptly to give another feed. First milk substitute a mix, mash and porridge for about a week.

But you need to ensure that the goat was not diarrhea. If still upset, then you need the kid to return to suckling method.

If no problems arise, then the 10th day is allowed to give the kid a good soft hay. With 20 days in a bowl you can grate the cabbage and carrots. With a 30-day, you can add milk to oatmeal (but not semolina).

Also, instead of goat’s milk giving cow. To four months is recommended to introduce in the diet of feed.

But this method carries the risk that the kid can resolve «broken» nipples.

The result is swelling and discomfort, and the goat, it will behave restless. If this happens, then you must use a different method.

Also, the problem is that like spring and summer lambing will suck the udder

the eye for Kogenate

mother even in the pasture.

In order to wean them from it little kids need to be isolated from goats. After a while they tend to forget their mothers.

If kids do not isolate, they will drink milk a year or more.

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