Caring for chickens is a necessary condition for the maintenance of a young

A hotel for chickens

No doubt that chickens grew healthier burly, need to adhere to specific rules of care.

Caring for chickens

For example, day-old Chicks will be much better to grow under a hen, because it can provide them with Parking needs and comfort.

After all, if the chickens do not have heat, they too clinging to each other they can die.

And when hypothermia Chicks eat poorly, which in turn can lead to fatigue.

If the temperature is raised, the chickens are constantly thirsty, not eating, and fluffed up the feathers lying on the floor. When the temperature in the normal range, the Chicks roam free in the cage and eat well.

If no hen, the poultry farmers use an incubator. This is prepared in advance is fenced and well-heated place.

You can use an ordinary wooden box or carton the height of which is not less than 40 cm Drawer you can upholster insulation.


A temporary house for something set, and inside impose a fairly heavy paper, which will protect from the cold from the bottom. Upon reaching the Chicks weeks of age, instead of paper you can put a litter.

The allowable rate of chickens per square meter of 30 to 35 pieces. In such a box the Chicks be kept until the age of 3 weeks. Then you need to increase the area. During the first ten days of care for the chickens daylight should not be less than 24 hours.

To two months can be reduced to 10 hours, and so to abide until such time as the chickens will not be able to bear. Lamp intensity shall not be less than 3 Watts per square.

For heating use light bulbs with a capacity of 100 -150 Watts. You can also use energy-saving way. It could be a bottle of hot water or the jar.

But such elements need to wrap it with cloth and don’t forget to periodically change the water. An incubator is a great option because the right temperature.

In growing chickens, it is imperative to withstand the temperature. Specially for this purpose, the thermometer installed at a height of half a meter from the floor.

To 5 days of age the temperature should be from 28 to 33°C, 10-day and 26°C. Further, every seven days you should reduce the temperature by about 4 degrees.

The final mark must be between 16-18°C. the temperature in the room should not fall below 18°C.

If it’s summer time in 20 days, and in winter, 30 days

A hotel for chickens

use of the heater is no longer itself.

Caring for chickens involves walking them in the Sunny calm weather. If the street is damp and cold, the Chicks leave the premises before reaching 2 months.

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