Care rose at home

Care rose at home

Huge popularity of the tiny «cousin» of their garden room representatives of the roses.

And although the Queen of roses in the home can enjoy their blooms for up to six months of longevity it is possible to provide a proper care.

Many believe that to grow a rose room is problematic. So whether it’s, you can learn from this article.

Care rose at home

To take care of the room the Queen is no more difficult than outdoor beauty. Rose does not apply to the tropical or neglected mind, she prefers a temperate climate.

In the period of intensive growth of plant should ensure the temperature 15 to 20 degrees.

Starting from October until February, the Bush must be in a status of rest, the temperature must be in the range of 6 — 8 degrees.

The room with the rose, you need to air or if there is an opportunity to put on the balcony or in the garden.

Rose at home, like all plants, you must provide the nourishing soil for a prolonged flowering takes almost all the nutrients from the soil.


For this reason, a rose should be fertilized every two weeks. Fertilizer is better to make during irrigation.

As for watering, it is important to use only warm water. Also rose loves frequent spraying.

Does not like rose

Rose doesn’t like to land kom excessively dried up. Moreover, during flowering, you should remove the dried flowers. The plant does not tolerate heat.

It is also necessary to monitor the possible occurrence of pests and, if necessary, to deal with them.

Transplanting roses

Buying the beautiful rose, you need to know that transplant it in early spring.

It is important during transplanting not to disturb the root system, but you need to remove the top layer of soil where the accumulated salt.

At each transplant roses at home a pot is necessary to take more, provided that the root system is in excellent condition.

Pruning roses

Rose cut in autumn, removing all weak, dry branches growing inside the shrub.

To rose at home to develop properly, her left 5 of the most powerful processes.

If growths are not strong enough, you should save up to 4-5, and 3 very weak left eye.

Following this, the rose should be put in a cool place with temperatures up to 12

Care rose at home


It would appear the young leaves, it can be moved to a window with sufficient sunlight.

Low temperature will influence the development of new cells, so the lower it is, the more rose will be at rest.

Diseases of roses

Often the sick rose «blackleg» and spider mites is affected. In the fight against parasites use Veritec, Apollo and other drugs.

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