Care of indoor plants (garter, ablution)

garter houseplants

Large potted plants need support, to which they tie.

For flowering species, from which all the branches are directed towards the Windows set support multiple rails.

For climbing plants good to use a grid, stretched nylon yarn, frame.

Garter the need for plants with weak stem, this is done using a pointed wooden stake that is inserted into the pot to the bottom.

To take the garter is a soft material and a width of 2-2.5 cm, thin (twine, thread, shoelaces) can damage the stem.

Tie up plants without tension to the barrel is not in contact with the bearing and the knot are doing on the peg.

For many houseplants in addition to garters, not necessarily the included systematic care wash with warm water to remove dust.

Dust on the leaves causes considerable damage to flowers, it delays the penetration of sunlight and clog the stomata.

Before washing, inspecting plants and, if necessary, cut off any damaged, dead branches and leaves.

Wash carried out in a bath of the shower, or watering during this procedure, the surface of the pot cover with plastic wrap that the land is not eroded.

If it is not possible to use a shower water, or the plant is big and heavy, it is possible to carry out wiping with a damp sponge or cloth.

Wipe as well as wash all whole plant (branches, trunk and leaves on all sides).

The leaves are leathery and folded structures, as well as spiny types of cacti, before washing, remove dust with a soft brush or a brush.

If houseplants to wash and wipe periodically, then you can do without detergents. Add Soaps unless the plant for a long time did not wash, and it is very dirty.

Ablution is not included in the care for the plants with drooping leaves (Saintpaulia, begonia Royal, etc.), enough cleaning with a soft brush.

I would like to note that the colors wash in soapy water helps to fight certain pests at a very early stage, the alkaline solution destroys mites, aphids, scale insects.

After the soap solution the plants need to rinse with warm and clean water. Be careful because soap is harmful to the root system, make sure he doesn’t hit the earth in the pot.

The trunks of old woody plants accumulate to the hardened layer of dirt, it is necessary to remove the hard nylon brush. Don’t forget about the flower pots, they also need care.

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