Care of dracaena and common types of plants

care for dracaena

Almost all lovers of houseplants known for spectacular and beautiful dracaena.

In some grower you can meet rare species.

Care for dracaena is within everyone’s grasp, but still, sometimes you have to hear the question from beginners in floriculture.

How to propagate, transplant a dracaena? What to do if dry and yellow leaves and so on.

Let’s discuss ways to care for this houseplant in more detail.

Care for dracaena

Dracaena versatile plant that, depending on the species perfectly fit the interior of the apartment and office.

Perhaps the most popular – edged Dracaena, the second name (Dracaena marginata). This tree-like plant with a sturdy trunk that grows up to 3 meters.

The tip consists of a start-up messy leaves, it creates a feeling of some messy hairstyles. The leaves are long and narrow.


The growth of dracaena lower leaves fall off, leaving scars on the trunk. This plant species has several forms, all of them differ in color of leaves (Bicolor, Magenta, Tricolor).

Another common species – Dracaena bend or reflex (Dracaena reflexa). In this species the leaves inclined downwards and branched almost from the ground, they are elongated and have longitudinal stripes of yellow. The trunk is weak.

Less popular — Godsefa Dracaena (Dracaena Godseffiana) or Surculosa Dracaena (Dracaena Surculosa). This kind pobegoobrazuyuschaya and not like the others. Is shaped shrub with oval leaves, pointed at the ends.

The leaves are painted in dark green color with cream or Golden spots. Popularly known as Dracaena gold.

This indoor plant likes moderate temperatures. In the summer +20 — +25 degrees, in winter not below 17 degrees. In the summer Dratsenu can be taken on the loggia, but to consider that she’s afraid of drafts.

Choose a bright place, preferably West or East window. From direct sunlight dracaena need to be protected.

The lack of light, the leaf color fades and is lost decorative charm. You can apply artificial lighting.

Likes moisture, watering is necessary to carry out abundant, it is impossible to prevent drying of the soil, but water should not stand. Stagnant water can destroy the plant. Watering dracaena spend every day in summer winter through the day.

Also don’t forget about humidity, many types of houseplants require frequent spraying, especially in the heat or indoors with dry air. Once a month it is advisable to rinse the leaves in the shower.

Replanting can be carried out every three years in spring. The most important thing to ensure good drainage and use a dedicated ground from the store.

Dracaena propagated apical and stem cuttings and air layering. Root in a mixture of peat and sand, within 2 to 4 weeks.

Feed a dracaena complex fertilizers during the growth period from spring to late summer, twice a month.

If the leaves of your plants become covered with brown spots it means the air is dry enough or insufficient irrigation. Also, spots may appear due to the draft.

Because of the dryness of the air can still yellowing tips of leaves, in this case often need to spray the plant. Bright sunlight can cause burns on the leaves.

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