Care of begonia Vale of eternal blossoms at home

care of begonia Vale of eternal blossoms

Incredibly beautiful plant Begonia is a real ornament not only for garden plots, parks and squares.

Vale of eternal beauty feels comfortable in greenhouses and homes.

If Begonia properly, she will often bestow its beautiful inflorescences.

Care for Begonia

Correctly selected modes of growth will allow you to admire the blooming Begonia is not only in summer but in cold winter days.

  • The plant likes bright light (especially during flowering). But in the summer pritenyat best Begonia from the abundant flow of ultraviolet light to avoid burns on the leaves.
  • Care of Begonia Vale of eternal blossoms implies a higher humidity. But in excessive dryness it is impossible to spray the plant so as not to provoke the appearance of brown spots on the leaves. It is better to choose a wider pallet flower pot, and it’s a space to fill with expanded clay, which is periodically to moisten.
  • Watering the plant should be abundantly, but not waterlogged soil. Signal to the glaze is considered to be the soil dries to a depth of one and a half inches. It is not necessary to prevent the accumulation of water in the pan. In the cold season, reduce watering by half.
  • The optimum temperature for Begonias in the summer can be considered a 20-22°C and in the range of 15-18°C in winter.
  • Feeding starts to make a flower pot only in the flowering period every 15 days. It is not necessary to use for flowering varieties of nitrogen-containing fertilizer, because they slow down the process of budding.
  • Transplant Begonias is carried out as needed when the roots will be cramped in the old pot. To make handling better in early spring, using land bought at a flower shop. The pot is completely filled with potting mix is not worth it – better to add the rest of the soil, when the flower is rooted in a new capacity.


Disease begonias Vale of eternal blossoms

Special attention should be paid to the diseases of plants because this flower is considered to be gentle creatures.

  • The main problem for Begonias is a fungal disease (mostly powdery mildew), and the reason for this is getting the excess moisture. Do not leave without attention the core of the Bush and located below the stalks and leaves – it is here often possible to find rot.

Stumbling on a problem, it must be eliminated by removing the affected leaves and sharply reducing the watering, not allowing the fungus to spread further.

  • If you care for Begonia Vale of eternal right, that fear of pests is not necessary. But care of begonia Vale of eternal blossoms

    the invasion of small insects should be prepared. Most often troubles take indoor flower aphids and red spider mites. Fight them with insecticides type «Malathion» or «Fitofarm». Spray the leaves with the drug, a plant wrapped in a moist plastic bag to increase the impact of toxins.

Showing real love to its home plant, you can not worry for his condition. In the comfort of Begonia will forever smell and delight in its beauty.

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