Care home violet

Care home violet

Violets are so beautiful and at the same time gentle creatures that grow them are taken only the most experienced growers.

Although the care home violet special tricks to do just need to strictly follow the rules and love their plant.

Fit domestic violets

To propagate this lovely culture that has countless colors, cuttings and leaves.

To select for planting should be only a light primer which is designed especially for violet (it can be found in any flower shop).

Can the soil to prepare yourself and those who have plots. Garden soil is fine if its carefully sifted and mixed with sand.

Not to fall with the land the larvae of the pests and fungal spores, soil should be pre-calcined in the oven and then pour in the prepared pot, not forgetting at the bottom put drainage of expanded clay.

For the normal development of Saintpaulia (middle name violet) you need to choose the right flower pot. As the roots of the plants are small, deep container is useless. Too broad it should not be compare with the size of the Bush.

Therefore, for children and young rosettes of acceptable diameter up to 6 cm For a more adult enough and 12 inch in diameter of pot.

Lightingis to take care of home violets need to determine where it will be placed. If the apartment is not a room with good lighting, the Saintpaulia is not your option. Flowers need a lot of ambient light. The southern Windows should be protected from direct sunlight to the plant did not get burns.

Light day for the violets must be at least 14 hours, so the lack of sunlight will have to compensate with artificial lighting. Particularly relevant to this point in the winter.

Irrigation regimewith regard to irrigation regime, violet quite fastidious in this respect – it can kill as waterlogging and excessive dryness of the soil and the ambient air. The frequency of watering should be in the summer-2 times a week in winter is reduced to 1 mu.

You also need to water properly and carefully introducing water at the edge of the flower pot so the liquid does not hit the leaves or the flowers of violets. This can lead to rot.

Experienced growers prefer to Saintpaulia «gentle watering — pan, which must be deep. Water poured in 23 flower pot, and then allow the roots a good drink, after half an hour the water is drained.

You also need to monitor the humidity in the room, but the violet spray is impossible. If the home is not on the humidifier next to the plant you can put a container of water or a saucer with a damp sponge.

Food home violetTo feeding commonly are not like other plants. Use fertilizer only during active flowering, the rest should be ignored.

care home violet

For each period of development will need its own composition. Young plants just planted in the flower pot, feed nitrogen fertilizer for distillation of the leaves.

Then this group cannot be used, because nitrogen inhibits the flowering process. In this phase already need potassium-phosphorus composition.

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