Care goat after lambing

Care goat after lambing

Like any animal, after lambing goat requires special attention, because this process takes her a lot of strength.

As soon as lambing goat it is necessary to milk. This should be done even if you have not yet reached the placenta.

The first jet should be stripped post in a separate bowl, but the goats do not give them, because they are very high content of microbes and if this portion is to give the kid, he can get sick.

The procedure of milking is very important particularly for dairy breeds. If this is not done, there is a danger of accumulation of milk in the udder.

And this can lead to hardening of the mammary glands and possible mastitis. This is particularly important if kids will be bicarbonates separately.

Also to razdobit goat after lambing need to milk per day at least 4 times.

That goat has regained strength she needed to give the water about 2 litres (you can add a Cup of molasses). Every 2 hours animal need to drink this drink.

It stimulates the production of milk and fill the shortage of nutrients and a lack of fluid in the body.

Childbirth can be called over if left in the placenta (approximately should go the hour and a half). If the placenta does not come out, the goat needs to give the decoction of linseed.


If there is no litter, then you need to seek help to the veterinarian. Came the placenta should be immediately removed and destroyed.

Then the goat must be washed, in particular the rear part of the thigh. You need to wash with lukewarm solution of soda (4 per cent). After this, the animal should be left alone to rest.

Food goats after lambing

In caring for the goat after the breeding season, includes a special diet. After about three hours of rest, the goat needs to give 200-300 gr. bran or flour in liquid form. The mixture should be warm but not very liquid.

It is also advisable to give a good hay, succulent feeds and root crops. At this stage, goat is recommended to give the cake a carrot, it is very important to feed the salt on average 15 grams, bone meal and chalk.

For goats after lambing useful small piece of dark bread with oil or melted fat.

Then the animal can be cooked milk soup and add a little linseed oil.

First, the goat need to feed aqueous feed and the main thing in small doses.

care goat after lambing

If the animal must sdoit, then you should feed him soup juniper, silage and various grains of the mixture.

This food has a positive effect on molokoobrazovanie and the intestines.

Goat after lambing it is necessary to give easily digestible feed in small quantities the first three days. Next, move on a normal diet.

With food need to eliminate concentrated feed, and to provide a simple and easy. Water to give pure only.

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