Care for zucchini

care for zucchini

For zucchini, as with other plants necessary to conduct agricultural activities.

Squash need to be watered, feed and pollinate.

Care for zucchini. Watering

Zucchini require moisture, so watering them regularly is necessary. Watering zucchini is carried out strictly under the root, to prevent water falling on the leaves.

Before flowering once every seven days if the summer is dry two. On 1. meter 4-4,5 liters. During fruiting, the amount of water you need to increase twice.

It is very important that water for watering zucchini was not cold, or the young ovary will rot.

Caring for courgettes (irrigation) should be done very carefully so the root system is not exposed. In this regard, the need to loosening the surface, and carefully.


Care for zucchini. Dressing

In the period of care for zucchini, it is desirable to make them a top dressing fertilizer. The first time it is advisable to do it before flowering. In a bucket mix a pint of mullein and 2st.l «Dew». For each plant 1 liter of solution.

During flowering, the courgettes need to be fed a second time. 2st. spoon «Effectron» and 2st. tablespoons of wood ash in a bucket of water. Consumption is the same as the first feeding.

Care for zucchini third feeding is carried out during fruiting., dissolve 2 tablespoons nitrophoska and 1 bucket of water, pour 2 l of Solution under one zucchini.

Feeding zucchini and the recipes are recommendations and are not mandatory.

Care for zucchini. Aryleneethynylene also included in the care of the zucchini. It is carried out in the period of flowering plants. It is possible to attract bees to dissolve a teaspoon of honey in 250 ml water and spray the zucchini flowers.

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