Care for the pond at the cottage

The eye after the pond

After the creation of the reservoir gardeners have to solve the problems associated with the care of the pond and winter.

No problems a little, especially if the pond inhabited by fish and other inhabitants.

To check the current status of the pond must regularly monitor the water quality and quantity, excess or lack of necessary nutrients.

Only in this case, the owner will be able to intervene and make adjustments, so everything was normal and corresponded to the natural conditions.

Care for the pond

On hot days the fish may not have enough air, they have to surface to breathe.

The fact that when heated, the liquid, the amount of oxygen becomes less. In addition, the decay of organic residues on the bottom and oxidation processes also reduce the level of oxygen in the water.

Therefore, to fish in the pond died, must be periodically removed from the bottom mud and install a water aerator to saturate the water with oxygen.

At night, the aerator will not turn off. The day the algae in the pond produce oxygen and absorb carbon dioxide, the night all the way around, so before dawn to fish the most difficult period.

Caring for the pond, keep the water level in the reservoir has not dropped, even using quality materials in construction, may be leaked. First she needs to find.

The most affordable method for the detection of the leak, to wait before the water levels cease to decline, and visually to find the edge of the defect of waterproofing.

Usually in the defective areas remain the long dry spot, clicking on which appears the moisture.

The decrease in water level may occur and the natural evaporation, but usually it does not exceed 1cm per day. At a water temperature of 27°C, air 30°C and 60% humidity in the evaporation rate will be about 1.1 l/m2 per day.

In open water even at lower temperatures, evaporation due to wind and sun may be more 2l/m2.

In the care of the pond must include an inspection of the surface of the mirror. In the formation of the duckweed to get rid of it by using the rake, pulled ashore, or to resort to fish. Carp with pleasure eats the duckweed.

Foam is formed in the case of increasing the concentration of protein at the bottom of the reservoir. The bottom should be cleaned of sludge and process bets means of the foam. It is advisable to check the hardness of the water.

Oily film like oily spots appears during excessive proliferation of blue-green algae. To get rid of stains by using UV sluchadla or biological agents, the type of AlgoSol.

Even with proper care of the pond, over time it can settle the cochlea. They come with water, soil and plants. A small number of them valid, they destroy dead plants.

The most important thing to prevent their uncontrolled reproduction. Otherwise to cope with them will be very difficult.

Try to time part of them to assemble and remove with suburban area. You can also enlist the help of special preparations.

The appearance in the pond of filamentous algae, also does not Bode well. In

the eye after the pond

the warm period they quickly expand and can occupy a large part of the reservoir.

To get rid of them will biological drugs.

One of them, Fadenalgen Vernichter, he immediately burns them active oxygen, and the bacteria included in the composition of the drug decomposed algae.

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