Care for sweet or bell peppers in the greenhouse in the country


the care of pepper

Care for sweet or bell peppers in the first place includes: fertilization, watering and weeding plants.

The care of this garden culture begins about a week after landing a permanent place of growth, once the seedling will be accepted and will start appearing with the young leaves.

Fertilizing pepper fertilizers and watering

For this culture feeding, alternate. First organic fertilizer: diluted with water manure (1:5) or bird droppings (1:10), also in a bucket of liquid, you can add superphosphate 10g.

The following dressing is peppers mineral fertilizers: ammonium nitrate 10g., superphosphate 35g., potassium salt 15g., all of this is dissolved in 10 liters. the bucket of water.

The presence of chlorine should not be. Water for recharge and irrigation must be used warm, with a country column, well or borehole to water sweet peppers not to.

Watered plants at the root, and at least every other day, they really don’t like drying soil. Adult bell peppers the volume of water should be increased. Of course, a certain amount of moisture is difficult to predict, it is necessary to monitor the condition of the soil in the greenhouse.

Care for sweet or bell pepper

Caring for the peppers, do not forget about timely weeding and mulching the soil around the plants. Mulch will discourage the growth of weeds and will retain moisture in the ground.

Loosening spend sometimes necessary, but very cautiously. The root system of pepper is very close to the surface, and there is a danger of damaging the roots.

Depending on the varieties of the plant care can also include garter and the formation of the stem. If variety is the spice undersized, you can just tie to a support and let it grow.

With high grades of sweet pepper, it’s much more difficult. They need to tie and shape.

The tall varieties are removed all the lower leaves and shoots. Unnecessary shading of the branches, especially if they are growing inside the Bush.

The lack of light, the pepper can relieve the buds. With the onset of August, in the beginning, all the buds should

the care of pepper

to remove, and the top of the stem to nip off.

If this is not done, until harvest of peppers, it may be many ovaries, and a little ripe fruit.

From the formation of the ovaries of pepper in technical ripeness (when to harvest) it takes a month, and another month before full maturity if you leave the plants for seeds.

For seeds leave the first ripe fruit, if the variety is not a hybrid (F1). It is important to left the peppers are not overripe, otherwise the germination ability is reduced.

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