Care for hydrangeas in the open ground

Care for the hydrangea

The beauty of hydrangeas wants to watch almost every gardener.

This is a shrub with showy flowers and large glossy leaves.

On a single inflorescence can be several shades. The color of hydrangeas is simply mesmerizing.

Therefore, if the owners decided to buy a plant and plant it in your garden, they definitely need to know how to grow hydrangeas in the open field.

To find out what is love a flower, for example, humid soil or slightly dry, light or shade. How to correctly plant and further treatment. All of this will be discussed further.

The choice of location

It is best to plant hydrangeas on a Sunny, bright place. Although it should be said that in partial shade the plant will grow is not bad.

Time for landing better spring, particularly in early may. If you plan on planting in the autumn, the best time is September.

For planting hydrangeas in the open ground in advance to prepare the landing pit. Their size should not be less than half a meter, between the pits of approximately six feet.

The bottom is filled with fertile soil composed of humus, river sand, peat and of course fertilizer.

Hydrangea does not like lime, so it does not make. When placing the shrub in the hole, it is advisable to look below the root collar was located at the level of the soil, not below. This is important.

A young seedling needs protection from sunlight and wind. And in order that the hive had grown strong and powerful, the first few years you have to remove the blossoms, but before they bloom.


Hydrangea in the ground will grow well only with regular fertilizing. The first couple of years of feeding is required, if not applied fertilizer. After this time need to feed regularly.

Each spring apply fertilizer on a mineral basis. Re-introducing perform during the emergence of buds. This time in the composition of the fertilizer should prevail nitrogen.

The next two times are held in the summer and use mullein. It is diluted 1:1 with water. One adult plant enough buckets of water.



Hydrangea relates to water-loving plants in this regard need to be watered every week, but in abundance. For one plant it takes up to two buckets of water. If the summer is rainy, then reduce watering to 4 times during the summer season.

To the ground as long as possible was wet, the area around the trunk is covered with peat or fine sawdust. The raw material is dispersed uniformly in the spring. When watering experienced gardeners are advised to add potassium permanganate in water. This is to ensure that the branches of the flowers was strong.

Further care

Difficulties in care of the soil, almost none. Quite a few times over the summer after watering to loosen the soil

Care for hydrangeas in the open ground

about 5-7 cm below the soil received enough oxygen.

Hydrangea pruning, which is performed in March. The cut length depends on the size and age of shrub. But on average, 2-5 remove the kidney.

Preferably in winter hydrangea to cover, but not the whole Bush and its root system. Before this Spud plant rotted manure and sprinkle peat or dry garden leaves, a layer about 15 cm.

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