Care for eggplant

the eye with the eggplant

Eggplant, gardeners and truckers in the middle latitudes of Russia are still considered exotic culture.

Although care for eggplant is a little different from other cultures.

This is the traditional feeding, watering, formation of plants (remove side shoots) before harvest.

All queries eggplant to food and climate, very similar to the queries of pepper.

They are equally harmful high humidity air. In General it is a requirement of all nightshades.

Eggplants are self-pollinating plants, so to produce a crop, they need pollen remained free-flowing.

Only in this case it will be able to safely get from the anthers to the pistil. And then the ovary will go to growth.

At high humidity, this process will become difficult. Moreover, because of the dampness can start to develop gray mold, one of the most dangerous enemies of this culture.

In the care of the eggplant to create good conditions for selfing and further development, we need to organize the plants a regular airing.

For circulating the air flow in a timely manner get rid of the lower laterals and unnecessary emails, especially yellowing.

Dead leaves is an excellent base for the accumulation and development of various infectious diseases, which are so afraid of eggplant. Especially the gray and white rot.

Try to avoid the use of chemicals.

Unlike air soil under the eggplant should be moist always. Otherwise, because of the lack of moisture the crop will consist of the hard and fine coarse fruit pulp.

Irrigation is preferably carried out as the drying depending on the weather, but not less than 2 times a week. Do not forget about the complex feeding.

Hold them during the development of the fruit. Add mineral fertilizers need small portions for 12-15g. 1m2. Enough to fertilize 2 times.

Most varieties of eggplant ripen 3-4 weeks after pollination, signs

the eye with the eggplant

maturation is defined by colour and size.

Not that terrible if you have slightly unripe fruit of eggplant.

Although they contain harmful solanine, but much less than green tomatoes.

Worse, if to be late with the harvest, overripe eggplant becomes dry hard seeds.

The stalk in this culture is strong, so it’s best to use a knife.With good care of the eggplant, after harvest, plants can surprise us with new blossoms.

So how much fruit to ripen won’t make it to the fall, you can leave it on for 3-5 ovaries, and the other shoots are pinched, and after about a month it will be possible to collect another crop.


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