Care fats

care fats

Fats can be of different types. It is decorated with pillars, walls, display cases, used for decoration of the interior.

For several years, this plant, if properly cared for, grows up to a meter.

It is light, but direct sunlight can harm her.

To put it better on the East or West Windows. If it is on the South side, it is necessary to carry out the shading so the sun is not shining directly on the plant.

In spring and summer the plant is better on the street, but in the shade. Comfortable temperature from spring to summer is in the temperature range of seventeen – twenty-one degrees. In winter, the plant requires a temperature lower (eight to fifteen degrees).

In the summer of the fats are watered as needed (when top layer of soil has dried up a bit). In the fall, winter fatsiya even less needs watering (only when significant drying).

After watering always pour the water from the pan. At the same time the land is not worth much to dry as excessive water. If there is a lack of moisture, you can drop the leaves, and then not lifting (even with improved irrigation).


Spray the leaves with water at least once a week (if possible, separated or purified), sometimes simply wipe with a damp, preferably natural fabric.

In the heat is not excessive a good watering from a watering can with warm water. In the winter time the plant requires less spraying.

Once a week, fats needs fertilizing fertilizers. Winter feeding is not required. It is necessary to replant every three years. Every time you take a pot larger.

The soil should consist of peat, sand, garden soil. For drainage suitable of yesterday, which is one-fourth of the pot. To propagate it by cuttings. This should be done in early spring.

On the handle leave a few buds and planted in a special soil (peat, sand). Covered glass vessel.

The temperature should be warm, not below 23 degrees. The appearance of the roots of the plant pot.

Perhaps seed propagation. They need to be sown shallowly into the soil (up to one centimeter) consisting of turf and leaf soil and sand in equal proportions.

You can make a special box. The desired temperature is eighteen degrees. Fledgling sprouts are transplanted into pots.

The soil should consist of sand, humus, sod of the substrate. Turf substrate – two parts humus and one part sand – one part. They are seated one by one and put in a place that is well lit.

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