Carambola — care at home


Carambola is a slow growing tropical plant.

Has two forms: a tree and a Bush. In nature, reaches a height of 12 m.

Complex pinnate leaves are arranged spirally. They are very capricious.

Night together, if it happens in the afternoon – conditions for plants adverse, or it has experienced the stress. Blooms little pink flowers.

The fruits are oblong ribbed shape, Golden yellow color, sweet and sour taste and pleasant aroma. If they are cut crosswise, they look like a star.

The cultivation of carambola

 Location and lighting

Like a lot of bright light, but heat from the plant must be protected to avoid burns on the leaves.


Like all tropical plants, Carambola thermophilic, the optimum temperature for its cultivation + 25°C, in winter it is kept in a cool place, for example, on the glazed balcony or the heated terrace. The temperature below + 12°C is detrimental to the plant.

Watering and humidity

Need a good watering to the soil in the pot was constantly wet. Avoid water stagnation at the roots. In the winter months, reduce watering a bit.

Twice a day the crown sprayed in the warmer months and periodically arrange the plant warm shower let stand at room temperature with water. To maintain the necessary humidity, you can use household humidifiers.


For feeding great complex mineral fertilizers containing potassium, phosphorus, iron, magnesium. Fertilizers are applied 2 times per season, except winter months.

Transplantation and propagation

Each year while the plant is young, it is transplanted. Land for transplantation should be chosen with a pH not above 6.5 (this is the so-called weakly acidic soil).

In a pot you need to pour a good layer of drainage. The adult Cannon transplanted only when the pot becomes her close.

Propagated by seeds, layering and grafting. Seeds planted in warm peat, germinate well, if you follow the watering and the desired temperature.

The grown plants are planted into the soil, adding vermiculite, which helps to preserve the loose soil. Layering and grafting in conditions of indoor growing is problematic.

Pests and fight with them

The pest attacks the plant stand. Can be attacked Bud nematodes. To avoid this, you need to buy a high quality soil for planting.

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