Canadian parkland rose

canadian parkland rose

In some regions of Russia, growing roses, it is very difficult for gardeners.

In severe winters it is difficult to keep these flowers in suburban areas, many die.

And so you want the fans rose to their flower beds and flower beds were decorated with these flowers.

Canadian garden roses

Canadian gardening roses – plants are hardy, they are less demanding to care more resistant to drought and diseases than other species.

To choice for gardeners presented a large number of varieties, including hybrid.

Canadian roses look great not only in compositions, but some bushes. To put them it is possible practically in any place of a favorite garden.

In mild winters, the shelters need only young 1-2 year old seedlings, grown cold suffer stoically. Also in the first 2 years of the canadian rose it is desirable to cover from winds and bright spring sunshine.

Breeders from around the world are working to increase the Park of roses, creating new varieties, while they try to keep the doubleness of the flowers, delicate and unique flavor.

Canadian roses bloom abundantly and almost without interruption all summer. Popular canadian Park rose high around the world and remains at this level for many years.

Bloom roses begin from the end of may, flowering is abundant large double flowers, each of which has up to 100 or more petals, different in color, from white to dark purple.

At the end of July for some time the flowering of canadian parkland rose stops and then starts again almost to the frost.

During the cease-flowering garden roses attract bright and beautiful fruits. To roses bloom again, last year’s flowering shoots once groups must be preserved. These plants are divided into two groups once again and flowering.

As already mentioned, the canadian garden roses are a real boon for those gardeners who are selecting plant preference is given to survival rate and hardiness.

They also need minimal maintenance, they can easily withstand summer heat and does not require pruning. Bred this rose in Canada, so they are suitable to our climate. At the moment there are more than several dozen varieties of canadian roses.

Of course, pruning green horn needed, but only for the formation of

canadian parkland rose

Bush. Keep in mind that the colors on the canadian parkland roses are formed on old lignified branches, so what will be more, the richer it will look like flowers.

In five years, when the shrub grows it is advisable to rejuvenate. To do this, cut all branches to the base of the rose Bush, and slices obscure garden pitch.

Canadian garden roses prefer a lightweight, breathable soil. Don’t like the shade and proximity to trees.

Creating optimal growth conditions, try to protect the flowers from the scorching sun in midday.

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