Callistemon care at home


Callistemon is an evergreen shrub native to Australia.

This plant is very demanding on the circulation of fresh air and light.

Moreover, it does not tolerate soil rich in lime.

Considering all these features, callistemon could be kept in apartment as a houseplant.

Growing callistemon

 Location and lighting

Callistemon loves bright light, and therefore, wants to be in the sun. Close it from direct sunlight is necessary only at noon, when the sun is the hottest.

Great location for callistemon have Windows located on the South side. The Northern Windows of the flower will be lack of light for active growth.

When the street is warm enough, it can be put on the balcony or take to the cottage under the open sky.


The optimum temperature for this plant is +20-22°C in warm period and 12-16 °C in the cold season.

If callistemon will be held in hotter conditions, that is, the probability that it does not form flowers.

Watering and humidity

In warm seasons should be watered abundantly, as it only dries the top layer of soil. It is important that the water was not lime, that is, it should be soft.

With the onset of autumn, it is desirable to reduce the amount of watering. During the cold seasons it should be carried out cautiously and rarely, not allowing complete drying of the soil.

The plant likes high humidity (75%) and, therefore, frequent spraying and wash the leaves. Water before it needs some time to settle warm.


Fertilizer will be particularly useful during the active growth of the plant. To make they should once in 14 days.

It is desirable to apply a special fertilizer for indoor plants during flowering. Winter flower is at rest, so feeding is not required.

Transplantation and propagation

Transplant have to do as soon as all available plant earth will be entangled by it’s roots. Young callistemon usually transplanted once a year, older – once every few years.

Heavily overgrown specimens need to update the top layer of soil once a year. To propagate the plant the best seeds. They were sown in the soil of peat and sand with the end of summer and the beginning of spring.

Pests and fight with them

Callistemon has multiple enemies. Aphids, spider mites and whiteflies. To get rid of these pests will help the insecticides. To ensure that the soil is not polluted with poisons you can use decoctions of herbs.

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