Calceolaria — care at home


Calceolaria is one of my favourite spring plants. Grows to 50 cm tall.

Large, up to 15 cm, pubescent leaves, and the interesting structure of the yellow, orange, white and red flowers, very decorative.

The flowers are popularly known as «shoes» or «purses». Form flowers bilabiate: with a large, bloated, spotted lower lip and a small top.

Buy a flowering plant to propagate it at home is extremely difficult. Blooms 2 months. Then the plant is replaced or grown again from seed, as with age it loses its decorative effect.

Cultivation of calceolaria

 Location and lighting

A window oriented to the East, North or North-West will provide the plant with bright light. From direct sunlight it should be protected.


Calceolaria likes it cool, the temperature should not rise above 17C. If the room will be warm – it will reset buds and flowers. Not tolerate. and drafts.

 Watering and humidity

The soil should not be dry, but should ensure that water in the pan does not stagnate.

High humidity needed to plant, maintain constantly wet expanded clay in the tray that expose the pot.

You can place between pot and pots of wet peat, which need to constantly moisturize.

Spray the plant carefully, and only flowers, hairy leaves do not carry any water on them. Water for irrigation and spraying of need, to defend.


Fertilize during flowering fertilizer for decorative and flowering plants.

Transplantation and propagation

The older the plant, so it is less decorative. So transplant it is extremely rare, just replace new.

If you want to leave the plant for the next year, after flowering cut the flower and put it on 2 months into the shadows, keeping the temperature regime.

The soil should occasionally be moistened. Put on a lighted place when it grows new shoots.

Propagated Calceolaria seeds. On the prepared soil (peat with sand in the ratio of 7:1, mixed with 20 g of chalk per kg of peat) seeds are sown. Sprinkle them should not be.

Top of the crops covered with paper, which is constantly moistened. When the seedlings appear two papers hold the picks.

The second pick is carried out after the appearance of the outlet. Then the seedlings are transplanted into pots and put in bright place.

Pests and fight with them

Easily affected by aphids. Spraying buds perimeterinstitute drugs should be performed with extreme caution.

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