Cages for quail with their hands

Cages for quail

Of course, to build cages for the quail with your hands you need to have at least some experience.

But the work went much faster after the Internet appeared. In any case the priority should be the desire.

Easier to buy a ready-made cages for quails, but it may not be the right size, or have a fabulous price. There is a way, it is possible to make the cage with his hands.

Cages for quail

The best option would be to buy four or five quail and one quail.

For this family the cell must have a size of 30 x 30 cm Height can be no more than 25 cm Upper part of the cage for quails need to cover the flannel cloth.

If the cage has a large mesh, the feeders are best installed outside, if the wood in the middle.

Wooden cage for quail

Wooden cage is a box. The additional costs required to acquire lighting, heating and ventilation.

This is the easiest option that you can do with your hands because it will not be difficult to build a box 30 x 30 cm, and transplanted to the birds.

To feed the Chicks three times a day opens in the top cover.

I must say that the wooden box has a number of disadvantages:

  • the tree is quite expensive;
  • to heat the cage difficult and expensive;
  • if the lighting device is continuously enabled, then there is a risk of fire.

 Metal cage for quails with a wooden frame

It is more affordable and simple version of the cage for quail that can be done by hand.

But before proceeding to the production of such cells, to prepare the drawings. The skeleton of such cells is a wood, and guided by the drawing it is possible to make.

The cage 30 x 30 x 25 cm need this material:

  • — 8 pieces of wood, length 30 cm, thickness 25 mm;
  • — metal corners to them 25 pieces of screws;
  • door canopies;
  • — the door handle;
  • — stretch mesh needs about 15 pieces of nails (screws) larger and about 25 little;

Cages for quail

  • — mesh cell of at least 2 x 2 cm;
  • — tin snips, tape measure, hammer.

Wooden slats connect the parts together according to the drawing dimensions. On the front wall is attached to the door to the sheds. It should be emphasised that the door will open well.

Erecting the frame, you can start stretching the mesh. With the external side of the mesh fastened with nails around the perimeter. Hammer nails to half, and then folded.

Screws and nails should not protrude from the tree so that the birds do not get hurt.

For the construction of such cages for quail with their hands need roughly a couple of hours. Definitely, everything will depend on the willingness and free time of the owner.

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