Cabbage white — pest control

Cabbage belyanka

Cabbage white large white butterfly, the wings of which are in the span of about 6cm. She begins to fly in may.

Within 20 days of the cabbage white feeds on the nectar of flowers of various plants.

Of vegetable crops suffer cabbage, radish and mustard.

At the same time the butterfly lays yellow eggs on the underside of cabbage leaf.

The number of eggs from 15 to 200 pieces. The larvae become caterpillars that crawl and eat the pulp sheet.

Track length 3.5 cm she’s Got 16 legs, yellow-green, covered with black hairs.

Its glands secrete a fluid that irritates the human skin and dangerous for the birds. It molts 4 times.

Cabbage white develops when t-20-26ºs,but is killed by heat and extreme cold.

The Mature caterpillar is going with the plants and pupate wherever they can: in trees, walls of houses, in the old foliage.

From fly pupae butterflies and breeding is repeated. Cabbage girl gives one to four generations per season. All depends on the location and weather conditions.

This process can be stopped if proactively manage the fight against cabbage white. In the autumn, when the leaves are falling and gardeners cut off the unneeded branches need to clear them from the garden plot.

This needs to be done to the larvae of the butterfly has not survived in them until spring. In addition, you need to dig the earth and treating it with chemicals-herbicides. The trunks of the trees to handle the slaked lime.

There are mechanical methods of pest control. When the first leaves appear, you need to clear the area of weeds, thereby depriving the butterflies feed.

Hand-picking the caterpillars will also help to preserve the future harvest. In the beds of the cabbage is well to sow dill, parsley, calendula, garlic.

These plants attract beneficial insects such as entomophages. Their yellow cocoons live in the caterpillars of cabbage white.

Cabbage white - pest control

Therefore, if in the garden there are cocoons, you need to transfer them to the area that is affected by cabbage white.

Entomophages will lay their cocoons on caterpillars cabbage white, and the plant will be saved.

Very well, initially, apply spraying biological agents: dendrobacillin and baksin. Substantial benefits to having a low toxic drug fitoverm.

Help and folk remedies of struggle. If 1kusok to dissolve the soap in 3 liters of water, it will effective sprayer. Keep the cabbage will help the solutions of sage and tomato leaves.

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