Bulbous plants for garden

Flower bulbs

There are many varieties of bulbous flowers, they grow in gardens, summer flowerbeds and decorate Windows of houses and apartments.

The diversity was just incredible, they are not whimsical care, breed by dumping the «kids» on the big onion the basis of the every time after flower finished flowering formed small bulbs, which, when digging the colors can be divided and each onion plant as a separate plant.

They are divided into two types: spring-flowering and autumn flowering.

Spring-flowering bulbs usually bloom in early spring, to the point that the snow had not yet come, and the flowers have already allowed their bundles, such types are planted in the fall.

Spring bulbs begin to bloom in late winter and summer shed. After they gone some continue to grow and gain nutrients for the winter, but flowers in the same year, they will no longer be released, and some go to «sleep», they disappear, leaves and onion hiding deep in the ground until its next flowering.

Spring-flowering also divided into two kinds — some have to dig up every year, the second can for a few years to grow up without a transplant.

Bulbs planted spring-flowering plants have in place well-heated. In good conditions, they develop very quickly and bloom, but after moving into the «sleep»state.

So you need to ensure that the flowers grew where they will not threaten extinction. Neighbors can be bulbous perennials that begin to grow in late spring.

Autumn flowering bulbs – autumn flowering, planting them in the middle or at the end of spring. They also love heat, so this should be taken care of in advance and choose a place to land is most heated by the sun.

These flowers are not stored in the winter in the soil, so they need to dig up before frost and store in places where they will not get frosts. Flowering period starts from mid summer and ends in late autumn.

It is best if the plant that fades, you can cut the flower, but the leaves will leave so you

Bulbous plants

will remove the part that does not need nutrients, but the plant is still feeding it.

After cutting the flower, you will spend these substances on the bulb, now it will be harder to grow.

Such plants as tulips and giacinti dug out every two years, gladioli every year we have to dig. And lilies, daffodils and felony dug every 2 to 5 years.

Everything else can just be sheltered for the winter in the soil and dig up only when they become too thick.

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