Bukaka beetle pest control measures


Common on the European and the southern part of the country is a beetle pest bukari (leaf weevil).

It belongs to the family of trubachov, has a hard cover of dark blue color, and a long proboscis in front of the main formation.

Mature bukaka beetle reaches 3 mm in length. Females of the leaf of an elephant lay about 100 eggs.

The larvae buerki – yellowish, legless, size 2.5-3 mm. life expectancy of the adult of the pest from 2 to 3 months.

Leaf weevil hibernates under the ground at a distance of about 15 cm from the surface. The insect comes to the surface with the onset of spring, when buds are swelling.

Settled beetle bukari on fruit trees: plum, Apple, pear, cherry, black cherry, sloe and hawthorn.

The pest feeds on buds, later buds and flowers. Its long proboscis bugs pierce stems and buds that prevents further development of the plant.

After flowering the females of bukaki lay eggs, gnawing hole in the petiole. In one letter develops one egg. A week from eggs the larvae that are immersed in the pulp of the stalk, eating it. The vital functions of the leaves is disturbed, it turns brown and falls off.

Further larval development occurs on the ground in fallen leaves. Thus, the loss of the trees can be up to 50% of all leaves. In early autumn, adults larvae go into the ground, which are transformed into pupae to survive the winter.

Leaves, buds and flowers of fruit trees, damaged leaf elephant, fall, weakens the plant and can significantly reduce yield.

Ways of dealing with Bakirkoy


  • In the middle of the fall you need to dig the top layer of soil around fruit trees. Once on the surface, ocalenie larvae will freeze and Bukaka beetle pest



  • — The entire period of time between the buds before the flowers should be shaking the trees, preliminary having spread on the ground sheet. All the fallen beetles bukaki need to burn.


  • — If the number of pests exceeds 40 beetles on the tree, it is necessary to carry out treatment with insecticides. The best time for her flowering period.

During the opening of the buds, you can spray the tree with a solution of the drug «Intavir» at the rate of 1 tablet per 10 liters of water.

  • — To prevent pests, throughout the summer season it is necessary to collect fallen leaves and burn them. So you do not let getting to the larvae of bukaki into the soil, and their further development.


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