Building a house out of wood brick

wood brick

Among all building materials very often, many developers choose such construction material as wood. And this is not surprising, since this environmentally friendly material allows you to breathe freely the walls, and also having a favourable impact on human rights.

The construction of conventional timber requires finishing works of the rounded considerable expenses.

But nowadays developers of construction materials are constantly coming up with something new in their design.

One of these developments is the novelty of such material, such material as wood brick.

The use of such material is very diverse, as it can be used in the construction of baths, internal and external walls and load-bearing walls.

During the construction of wooden houses it is very important to use a very well and carefully dried wood, as if the tree will have time to collect the water, you may experience some difficulties after the installation of Windows and doors, and also at performance of works on furnish.

After natural drying, the wood may still contain some percentage of water, therefore, at the completion of construction of the wooden house will need time and shrinkage.

This is necessary to avoid deformation and cracking at Windows and doors, so it is desirable to put only a year and finish generally defer even more.

After all, if you avoid all of the above rules and to immediately end the processing of doors and Windows can warp, and the walls are covered with mold and mildew, changes in temperature can badly affect the shrinkage of the house.

But all of this could, of course, avoid using only in the construction of very carefully dried wood, well the cost in this case will be much more, but the timber of large dimensions is practically impossible to perfectly dry.

During the drying process the timber is subjected to deformation and can warp. Therefore, in this case the use of wood brick fits perfectly, because you get a carefully and well dried wood material.

But the thing is that the production of wood bricks takes place with virtually complete removal of water from wood because of their small size, as well as possible to avoid any deformation.

Is a wood brick solid wooden beams, with the four sides of which are locks, which are attached to each other all the wood bricks.

Lock very tightly and securely holds the individual elements and therefore the installation will not need additional sealants and various seals, but the quality turns out so that the walls are not blown by the wind.

The wood that is used in the production of wood bricks, it has very harsh and strict requirements for the amount of humidity and the presence of various defects.

In the production of this material all lumber shall be dried to a moisture content of 8-10% and only after this pass through several stages of mechanical processing on special equipment.

After all the operations of milling tenons, forming decorative edges, operations planing of workpiece, and it turns out such material as wood bricks with high quality surface finish.

Well, consider all the advantages of wood brick:

  • affordable price of this material;
  • the speed and ease of Assembly;
  • ecological purity of the material;
  • it is the high quality of the surface of its walls;
  • resistance to various types of deformation;
  • a variety of material and sizes;
  • the lack of use of seals;
  • latitude can be used to implement various types of layouts.

Also note that the houses are built of wood bricks do not require aging, as required by other wood materials.

This means that after the construction of the house can start to its finish, install doors and Windows and soon it will arrive.

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