Building a house from a bar

home from a bar

Now on the market of building materials for the construction of country houses and cottages clearly shows the increasing popularity of the demand for hardwood timber.

The background for this was the good parameters of water resistance and frost resistance.

The same wooden block is popular because the construction of it is happening much faster than similar materials.

Construction timber can be of different types, the most popular of them is glued profiled.

He eliminates vibration, drops and the deformation by torsion.

If this material is treated with antiseptic (the material against the effects of rot and wood eating insects such as bark beetles) and fire retardants (fire medium), glued laminated timber will be the best choice for home construction.

Construction of cottages «turnkey» begin with the preparation of the construction site, in particular, with laying the Foundation.

This work should be approached very responsibly, because it will depend on all further construction process.

The most common types of Foundation – tape, pile and monolithic. You can also find helical, columnar, columnar-strip foundations.

The next step in the construction of houses of timber is a device bottom trim frame and a lag for the sub-floor. Once ready waterproofing and insulation, the floor can be boarded from the pile.

What good glued profiled beam – is the fact that it is very easy to operate. That is why the construction of the house it is not necessary to use expensive contractors ‘ services.

If you follow the drawing (project), it is possible and very well to cope with everything.

The final stage is the roofing. This stage is divided into the construction of truss construction and installation of sheathing. It is important not to forget about the vapor barrier, waterproofing and insulation.

One additional step following the installation of the roof is a lining of engineering communications. This includes heating, gas, ventilation, water supply, conducting wires.

It is important to protect the house from fire. That is why the wires should be covered with triple insulation and laid in kabelkanal. This will prevent the ignition wiring.

Experts recommend that during the construction of the Foundation and roof design to appeal to the Contracting organization, as it is the most responsible work. They will depend on the condition of your home.

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