Buddleja davidii – planting and care

Buddleja davidii – landing the first eye

The Buddleja plant family, native to tropical and subtropical latitudes are extremely beautiful.

There are over 100 species. But in gardening are not all.

Despite the fact that plants of this genus belong to thermophilic, some members are quite capable to survive at low temperatures.

Buddleja Davidii

Buddleja davidii is quite high shrub or tree. In height can reach 2-3 meters, and the tree species of about 5 meters.

Buddleja has large leaves ovate-lanceolate. Its top is dark green in color. At the bottom of the leaves there is a felt edge.

From the age of three, annually flowering plant. The period of flowering occurs in late summer or early fall. Duration of flowering Buddleia David is 30-45 days.

The color of the stalks baddley depends on the variety. He can be quite varied ranging from pale lilac to lilac.

Those plants that spend the winter in countries with cold temperatures at the moment when come the cold, frosted over to the root collar.

With the onset of spring warming, the plant begins to grow again. The height of the season is 0.5-2 meters.

Buddleja davidii – planting and care

When selecting a location for planting Buddleia David should take into account that she does not like the presence of cold winds, drafts. Prefer places that have good lighting throughout the day.

It is also recommended to plant the shrubs at 1.5 m distance from each other. This will help during the growth find them a good shape. At the beginning of the vegetation period Buddleja davidii needs abundant watering and regular fertilizing.

The reproduction of Bodley possible in several ways. Among them stands out the multiplication of seeds and apical cuttings. For cold latitudes propagation by seed is not suitable, it should be practiced in the southern regions.

Propagation by cuttings is in the spring after pruning the Bush. Cuttings, the length of which should be in the range of 15-20 cm and planted in the greenhouse or under cover in open ground.

Trimming Baddley David spring should be mandatory. If this is not done, the plant becomes less attractive and worse flowers.

If the plant needs to be transplanted to the most suitable time is the evening. This is due to the temperature regime (the transplant is in the cool time).

Due to the fact that buddleja is a heat-loving plant, it should be properly prepared for the winter. To do this, after darkening the leaves, shoots are cut off at a height of about 20 cm.

After that, the bushes hiding in the peat. If the plant is not to be covered for the winter, it is able to withstand up to -10 degrees.

Care Buddlea of David is that it should be time to water and fertilize. Particular, any knowledge is not required.

To enhance shoot growth when spring comes in as a stimulant made nitrogen fertilizers.

At the time when the temperature becomes too high, in the evening it is recommended to spray plants. This is necessary in order to create the conditions

Buddleja davidii – landing the first eye

which resemble tropical.

At the same time with abundant watering is necessary to ensure that the soil was not excessively wet. Buddleja also requires timely trimming.

It is carried out in order to remove shoots that have dried up. Buddleja davidii is a plant which will adorn any garden.

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