Bryophyllum — care at home


Bryophyllum – a plant belonging to the family Crassulaceae, which has its origins on the island of Madagascar.

Of the 27 species, only 2 species are grown as houseplants.

These species are tall and thin stems, lignified at the base, and have the leaves or fleshy, dark green with streaks of pink and purple hues, or of cylindrical form with brown spots.

This flower blooms in January-April. It is unpretentious and does not require special conditions of detention.

Growing bryophyllum

 Location and lighting

This plant likes lots of light. Therefore, to better place the pot on the window facing South. But in the heat of summer better shading because direct sunlight can cause leaf scorch.

If the apartment has Central heating, in winter it is better to keep the flower away from the battery, to avoid overheating. In the summer you can take it outside or balcony.


The most comfortable temperature for bryophyllum +20-25°C, in winter it is better to reduce to +12-14°C, too low temperature the plant tolerates whatever.

Watering and humidity

The plant likes frequent, but not too abundant watering. The main thing is to keep the earth from drying out, but there was waterlogging in the pot, as it can start to rot the stem. In winter, watering should be minimal.

To humidity, the flower is not picky, but too dry air does not like. Therefore, in the heating period is better to use special moisturizers, you can periodically spray the plant or to place it in the pot of pan with a wet expanded clay.


Fed traditionally during the period from spring to autumn every 2 weeks. Use fertilizers that are suitable top dressing for cacti.

Ereside and reproduction

Young bryophyllum requires regular yearly transplant, which is produced in the spring. Adult plants are transplanted as «sprouting» out of the pot.

The soil should have the following composition: leaf, loam and sand (plate better to take a little more).

This plant is propagated by separating apical cuttings (buds). They appear on sheets already formed leaves and root system.

Therefore, for transplants is enough to put these buds in a pot with soil and place in bright and warm room.

Pests and fight with them

When standing water in the pot on bryophyllum can appear aphids. If the leaves are changing color, are stained, this indicates the defeat of plants, mealybugs or thrips.

To prevent the leaves should be cleaned with a damp cloth. If pests are already there, eliminate them with the help of special tools that are sold in stores.

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