Brunfelsia — care at home


Native is a luxurious plant from South America.

In the wild, there are about 30 types of bright and rather large flower.

As the home of the plant is used only «small-Brunfelsia«.

Blooms from early spring to late summer purple-blue flowers. The flowers are collected in inflorescence, the diameter can reach 6 cm Leaves are oval with pointed, reaches a length of 10 cm

In everyday life requires a fairly complex care. Despite all its beauty, the plant is poisonous.

Growing brunfelsia

Location you must choose a very bright but protected from direct sunlight. In this place there should be no drafts and the temperature difference.

It should also be noted that even in the indoor conditions, the plant rarely stops at a height below the meter.

The temperature in spring and summer suitable room: 23-25 degrees Celsius, in winter the plant must be in a room with a temperature not higher than 12-15 degrees.


Period of winter holidays in Brunfelsia lasts two to three months. Properly wintered and heavily cropped plants in the spring will delight its owner abundant flowering.

Needs constant watering, as the plant is very hygrophilous. In the active period, the soil must be always damp. In winter, watering is required less frequently.

It is also good to regularly spray the leaves, not falling on the flowers. In winter, moisturize sprayer air near the plant.

For watering and spraying is necessary, use a soft, well-defended water. Fertilizer can be used anywhere, convenient for flowering plants.

Add it to the soil a couple times a week in the spring and summer. Planting should be done in a sand-soil mixtures that you can buy in a flower shop.

Transplanting is carried out annually after the spring pruning models. Reproduction Brunfelsia possible in two ways: by cuttings and seeds.

It should be remembered that seeds on the plant may appear only after artificial pollination. For germination of seeds used mini greenhouses and sand-peat mixture.

Grown from seed plants can bloom in the first year of life. Pests, with proper care, Brunfelsia are rare.

When humidity is low it could be spider mites. A symptom of this disease is the web of internodes on the stem.

Struggling with mites in the following way: wash with soap and sponge infected places and wash off with warm shower.

Much less on the surface of stems and leaves can reproduce scale insects. Sign schitovki: dry flowers and buds, fruit crumble. To deal with this pest, you can carefully spray the plant with insecticide.

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