Brown leaf spot of strawberries

brown leaf spot of strawberries

This is a fungal disease of strawberry, is considered to be among the gardener, one of the most common.

It most often affects the leaves, which appear brown, reddish, reddish-brown or dark purple spots (hence the name brown leaf spot of strawberry).

They vary in size and most of them have sloppy form. Then on the top, front side of the sheet formed pads is a carrier of disease, spores of the fungus.

Contaminated sites can be on stalks and petioles. To know them is simple: at the dark spots that appear on the site of infected tissue.

A special activity of the destruction can be noticed to late summer. But if the weather is wet, it is even more contributes to the spread and development of disease.

Strawberry watering from a watering can with sprinkler irrigation, is also undesirable. Especially prone to defeat brown spot mid-season and late varieties.

Diseased strawberry leaves quickly wither, and the plant itself becomes sluggish, depressed, and growth is slowing sharply. If time does not take action, it could lead to the death of entire hives.

Brown spotting methods of struggle


1. Timely release from infected leaves, even if they are wintered under the snow. As the mycelium (spores) and stored overwinter in affected areas: the leaves and stalks. It is best to dig up these bushes and burn.

2. Systematic weeding of the strawberry and remove the mustache. This is necessary to prevent density.

3. High-quality processing of strawberries: timely cultivation, weed removal and watering.


Spraying and processing plants. Such operation must be conducted no less than 2 times per season. The first time when they begin to appear on the leaves. second – when the kidneys.

But if the disease continues to progress, after the harvest, it is necessary to hold the third spraying.

You will need a 1% solution of Bordeaux fluid. Well as fights the disease 2% lime-sulfur broth. Helps and 0.25% solution of perazine 75b.

brown leaf spot of strawberries

A good tool is nitrofen. Please note that when the chemical treatment, special attention should be paid to the underside of the leaf.

Well, the best way to combat brown spot of strawberry is the acquisition of varieties resistant to this disease.

To these belong: «Talisman», «dawn», «festival», «Crimean early».

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