Bromeliads plant care

Bromeliads plants

A world of fantastic romance that comes to mind when looking at the barbed live stars, comfortably perched on the windowsill.

And not even flowers in a inconspicuous spikelets, racemes, panicles, and wonderful leaves that change color, create a rare decorative bromeliads.

Although there are also instances, beautifully blooming against the winter cold.

Outlet in the form of stars these herbaceous plants growing in deserts, rain forests, high in the mountains and on the coast, it is absolutely not exacting to soil and can grow on soils with a high salt content.

They can even accumulate moisture inside of the «vase», created by a specific structure of leaves. For the successful cultivation of bromeliads at home first, we must know what species of terrestrial or epiphytic they belong.

Bromeliad plant care tips

 Location and lighting

Growing tropical bromeliads plants requires locating them in places with good lighting, and regular ventilation.

Subtropical representatives of this class of plants, such as bilbergiya, aechmea, Ananas unable to grow well in more dry air, but bright lighting.


The optimum temperature for plant growth is 25° in summer and 15 in winter.

Watering and humidity

For watering it is best to use rainwater or well-defended water. It is necessary to irrigate directly in the socket, which periodically need to be cleaned from accidentally trapped solids.


In the summer period, the growth of bromeliads plants fed with mineral fertilizers is very low concentration. It is necessary to avoid excess nitrogen. It is not absorbed and leads to rapid death of all plants. Prohibited feeding calcium and superphosphate.

Transplantation and propagation of bromeliads plants

The correct soil composition is important in the cultivation of bromeliads plants. For epiphytic types use a complex mixture of well-drained substrate that is able to consolidate the root system of the flower.

It consists of shredded conifer bark, peat, humus, leaf mold, bone meal, pieces of charcoal.

It is best to buy the ready mix. Terrestrial bromeliads planted in pots with soil consisting of peat, leaf soil, sand and humus. For certain types best suited turf ground.

To propagate plants vegetatively is the easiest way due to the regular rise of the descendants is near the main outlet. There are viviparous species in which flowers are formed instead of little kids. These include, for example, tillandsia latifolia.

Bromeliads plant care

Fans of bromeliads plants can successfully grow in addition to the beautiful stars, but also your own pineapple crested.

Or to impress friends, not only bright red winter bouquet of flowers guzmania, vriyeziyi.

Currently will not be difficult to buy varieties of bromeliads with yellow, orange, purple and even two-tone petals.

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