Broiler turkeys at home

Broiler turkeys

Probably not many people know that not only are broiler chickens, but also turkeys.

These birds are quite large, and in their cultivation possible not only to improve their financial situation, but also become more experienced in the poultry industry.

Broiler turkeys, like chickens, have a large percentage of meat. And the care and farming of these birds is minimized.

They are distinguished by simplicity and good breeding, and the quality of the eggs is much better than chicken.

The broiler rearing turkeys has its own characteristics. For young, who has reached three weeks of age, you should always clean, wide straw.

But it is important to know that as bedding, you can use shavings or sawdust. The content of primarily cellular or combined. Before putting the young cells, in the room fumigating, put a few feeders and drinkers.

During the initial two weeks you need to monitor temperature, as birds are sharply react to changes in temperature. So for the Turkey Chicks need a temperature of about +32°C.

And those breeds of turkeys, which the plumage white, the temperature was raised even more, as light color absorbs heat slightly. Birds begin to keep warm for two more weeks, and until that time, their life depends on the temperature in the house.

The room should not be cramped, as turkeys birds are quite large. It is important to equip the poultry house ventilation and eliminate draughts.

Feed the birds is strictly at a certain time of the special food. If day-old Chicks, they begin to react to food on the second day. First food consists of millet and finely chopped hard-boiled eggs.

You can add crushed grains that will contribute to a better digestion. On the second day you can RUB the carrots. The next day you can enter the chopped greens.

It is also recommended to mix the cheese, sour milk. Perfect meat-and-bone and fish meal. When breeding broiler turkeys need to ensure that the food was fresh and most importantly quality.

The water should be clean, but it is important that the Chicks do not get wet. Otherwise, hypothermia can lead to death.

Younger birds are starting to give crushed wheat, barley and corn grain, but in the evening time. If the diet wet and dry food, it is given in separate feeders.

Dry food spiked as eating. And wet food start to cook approximately half an hour before feeding. For broiler turkeys also need mineral supplements.

Broiler turkeys at home

The key to fast growth is a well-balanced diet, and certainly with the addition of protein in sufficient quantity.

If this is not respected, even excessive feeding will lead to the fact that turkeys will fall behind in growth.

It is also worth to mention the mistakes are allowed when growing broiler turkeys. Not allowed feeding food with a high content of fat.

With the introduction of new products need to be careful and do it gradually.

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