Breeds of rabbits (meat, feather)

rabbit gray giant

Description the most common species on the territory of Russia.

Gray giant

Large breed rabbits masakorala direction. Reach live weight from 7kg. and more.

Females are prolific, and Holsteins high-milk in average per one litter of 9 bunnies. The painting of the hair can be different: grey hare, dark-gray or iron-gray.

White giant

Also a large breed mesoscale. In appearance with grey

giant. The coat is white, without any shades, eyes pink. They are more precocious. Live weight is more than 7kg.

Fertility — mostly 8 rabbits in the litter. The skin of this breed of rabbits painted in a variety of shades and colors.

rabbit, Soviet chinchilla

Soviet chinchilla


High-performance, also mesoscale. Eyes reddish-brown. The fur is dense, bluish-silver.


The chest, sides and back are darker. Eyes reddish-brown. Live weight of adult animals up to 7 kg. the girls bring in one breeding from 8 rabbits.

The breed is characterized by resilience and maturity. With the right approach you can get from one rabbit more than 30 rabbits.

This breed of rabbit is popular among professionals engaged in breeding these animals.

Vienna blue

This middle early-maturing breed maniscalco direction. Very

Viennese blue rabbit

precocious. Rabbits are strongly built, to endure the cold.

The torso of these rabbits oblong. Head rounded, of medium size. Eyes greenish-blue.

Fur has a color sazogadoba color dark and light shades. Live weight and an average of 4 kg, maximum weight 6kg.

Rabbit milk, feed more than 7 rabbits in the litter.

Rabbit silver

The average mesocoracoid breed animals, broad torso has the shape of a rectangle. Head pointed, small. The fur is silvery blue ears, head, legs slightly darker.

rabbit silver

This breed of rabbits has a high maturity and a great capacity for fattening. Rabbit milk. Bring an average 8shtuk and more. Weight – around 5kg

In addition to the above good spread got down breeds of rabbits.

That is, except for skins and meat, you can get down. Such

Angora rabbit

rabbits are white feather and Angora.

Adult yields an average of 500g of down. For one litter bring 6-7 rabbits, from which you can get up to 1kg of down.

The average live weight of about 4.5 kg Color of hair white, can be black and blue.

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