Breeds of quail and their characteristics

Breeds of quail

The family of quail, there are a huge number of species and areas.

The International book recorded 6 main quail «representatives» and about 60 destinations.

The book recorded the following species of quail: «black», «white British», «Pharaoh», «tuxedo», «Estonian», «Japanese».

Perepelinogo they are considered the most popular. Next, we will focus on main features, trends and productivity of these species.

Breeds of quail


  • — Black rock, it is still called English brown. The present breed was brought to the Russian territory from Hungary.

The plumage can have brown or black shades. This breed of quail on the performance can be compared with English white quail, the mass of live weight a little higher.

  • — British white breed is white in color, but may have a certain amount of black feathers. The average quail weighs 170 g, and quail a little less than 150 gr. The female starts laying eggs at the age of about 42 days. During the year the female can lay up to 280 eggs, the weight of each around 10 g.


  • — Quail breed Pharaoh refers to the meat line. After about 45 days the bird has a weight of from 140 to 180 gr. Quail after two months of life is able to lay eggs. She weighs between 240 to 300 grams and quail 200-265 g. During the year the female can produce up to 225 eggs. But this breed is very capricious and requires certain conditions.


  • — In face breeds of quail tail like a tuxedo, and therefore has this name. Breast of the bird is painted white, and the back and wings are brown with dark spots in color. By crossing the English black and white quails came up with this breed.

About 7 week, the quail are ready to lay eggs. The female has a live weight of about 180 g, and male not more than 160 gr.

Breeds of quail

  • — Estonian (kitavans) breed is the result of the «relationship» of the Japanese breed quails and the pharaohs. A distinctive feature of this breed is back with a small hump. This breed has masaike direction.

During the year the quail gives up to 280 eggs. An important feature of the Estonian breeds can be called a high percentage of survival of these, it is about 98%.

  • Japanese breed was developed in Japan. The male has a distinctive feature is the brown colouring on the breast, and females are gray. Birds are fairly light weight.

Quail weighs no more than 130g, and the quail up to 135 gr. The female comes to the egg-laying period of about 40-60 days of life and is able to produce up to 300 eggs.

Female Japanese breed quails lay eggs throughout the year. Birds are not whimsical and are resistant to diseases.

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