Breeds of pigs — names and description

Parody pigs

Wisely choosing a breed, there is no doubt that the breeding pigs will be profitable.

Global pig production numbers over 100 different breeds and all of them can be divided into three main groups: greasy meat and mesosaline.

Breeds of pigs

In the group of greasy pig breeds the most popular are the «Myrgorodska» and «Ukrainian steppe».

▪ the pigs are black-and-white coloring. Mirgorod pigs can reach 220 kg and boars of about 330 kg.

Sows are fertile and have litters of more than 10 piglets. Up to six months, the pig gains weight 100 kg of Fat is about 39%, of meat is about 55% fat on average, 28 mm.

Fat Mirgorod breed of pigs is characterized by high taste qualities, so it is considered a benchmark of fat.

▪ the Ukrainian breed painted white. The boar grows to 350 kg, and the pig is gaining 250 kg Sow gives birth to about 12 piglets.

On average, seven months breed gains weight 100 kg Carcass has a meat yield of about 60%. The breed tolerates heat and is characterized by endurance.

Ukrainian steppe is not capricious and crosses with other breeds.

Meat breeds of pigs

Most often in the household contain «urzhumskaya» breed «Landrace».

▪ the Urzhum breed painted white. The boar has a weight of 320 kg, and the pig is not more than 260 kg. Litter of 12 piglets.

To six months up to 100 kg. of 36% is the yield of fat and meat around 55%. Pigs, to provide better grazing.

▪ boar of breed «Landrace» has a weight of 300 kg and female is 250 kg. mainly the uterus leads 12 piglets. Easy to six months gaining 100 lbs. About 70% of the meat yield.

The breed has a high rate of development growth and productivity. Bacon and fatback are of high quality.

Mesosaline breeds of pigs

In the household contain the «Latvian white breed and the «big white».

▪ Latvian white crosses with local breeds. The boar has a weight of up to 300kg, and the female — 250kg. In the farrowing of about 12 piglets.

Up to six months with good feeding, the animal gets more than 100kg. Meat yield is about 60%, and fat about 4 %.

The breed has a high meat percentage, twins females and precocity.

parody pigs

Quite successful Latvian breed crossed with a Landrace.

▪ large white breed of pigs are able to adapt to any climatic conditions. The adult male weighs 350 kg and the female about 280 kg

The sow brings more than 14 piglets. Meat output is approximately 63%. The meat is called «marble».

For pigs it is better to use the pasture. The breed is calm and not demanding to feed.

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